When Injury Strikes

Just as the title says I have been struggling a bit lately, and at the start of Month 2 of Insanity no less.  My right ankle has been hurting lately.  Sometimes so much that I have trouble walking on it.  Being a choreographer this is causing many a problem with my day job not to mention some inherent changes to my Insanity routine.  I am scheduling an appointment (as you should with injury) and am wearing an ankle brace, icing, elevating, etc. in the mean time.



Now that I am in “Max Mode” for Insanity I find it really frustrating to have to make adaptation and alter the workouts.  But I am so scared of landing funny on my ankle and making it worse (especially with a packed summer of acting and dancing) that I am playing it safe.  Diamond jumps become oblique reaches with some light jump roping in between, high jump ropes become high knees, and switch kicks are taken at a walking pace.

Am I frustrated and pissed I can’t even attempt to keep up with them on the video: HELL YES! But I have to remind myself that everyone has adjustments to make to make the workouts safe for them whether that is taking more breaks than Shaun T has or modifying moves to prevent injury/further injury.  And according to my Polar HRM I am still burning upwards of 300 calories with these new workouts!!! This makes me feel good about still getting the benefits.

So for now the brace will stay and I will continue adjusting the big plyo/jumping moves, cause let’s face it my body is my career as both an actor and choreographer.

In other news: I HATE MONTH 2!

I feel like Shaun T works the quads and shoulders every single workout with no break which gives me no time to recover and give 100% towards the next workout of the month.  My least favorite so far is Max Plyo (surprise surprise) and luckily today is Max Recovery, though everyone says it is anything but Recovery.

I literally roll out of bed because I can’t prop myself up.  I can’t imagine how I would feel without the adjustments I am making!

Keep it fit, fierce, and SAFE.

-Little Red

Question: How do you handle injury or illness in the middle of a training plan?