Snowzilla Stockup

Snowzilla has come and gone but I was able to brave the storm with some smart stocking up.

After the hot mess of a commute the DC area faced on Wednesday (seriously took me 2 1/2 hours to go 5 miles because of 1 inch of snow), I knew I wouldn’t want to have to go out for anything.  Nope not even walking.


So on Thursday night after work, possibly the worst time ever I headed to Target to stock up on snowed in essentials. Yep Target, cause somehow I thought it would be less swamped than grocery stores.  This meant a lot of good food to eat so I wasn’t tempted to stray on my Whole30.


I am an avid and dedicated hot chocolate drinking goodie baking snow person, so I knew this was gonna be hard.  I popped a ton of frozen veggies, berries, salad, and of course toilet paper in my little basket.

Of course it is Target so logically I was easily persuaded that some clearance items were dire snowstorm battling essentials.

Some awesome grey snow boots for $8. (Sorry forgot a picture).  I only have rainboots and those suckers are waterproof but do not guard against frostbite.

Then I found this super cute pj set for only $10! Snowday essentials I assure you. IMG_0286

I spotted these totally awesome dudes, also on clearance, but managed to resist since I own 2 pairs of slippers already.


Needless to say I fled from this aisle and its allure of chocolatey smelling sugar bombs.


So I made it back with only a few extra items and have been curled up in my comfy new pjs drinking tea and binge watching West Wing.


Oh and occasionally checking this new weather app a friend told me was hilarious.  It certainly is truthful and is helping entertain me over 48 hours stuck indoors.  Check it out at What The Forecast.


Keep it warm & fierce!

-Little Red

What are your essentials for a snowstorm?  Favorite weather app?




Whole30 Days 18-22

I’m beginning to see some more distinct changes from my Whole30.  Clearer skin being the major one.  I usually always have at least 1-2 noticeable zits going on.  While I still am seeing little spots, to the outside eye my skin is clear as it has ever been.  Since this was one of my big reasons for trying Whole30 I am super excited for this result.  Also, super nervous to add things back in though.


It was really early but wanted to get it right after “beauty sleep”

I’m also beginning to wake up earlier and earlier (not before my alarm, but my alarm is set very early).  However, I am still pulled to nap during the day, which I wasn’t prior to Whole30…interesting.

On a separate note: I’ve never had coconut water before but I found some compliant coconut water and decided to try it as a “treat” after surviving a pre-Snowzilla visit to Trader Joe’s.  EWWWWW.  I love the taste of coconut, but did not care for this one bit.  Way too sweet.


Coconut water… not for me.

I made it over the 21 day boredom and am sticking strong to the program despite my strong desire to curl up with some hot chocolate with the incoming storm.  Emotional attachment indeed.  Only 8 more days to go here before re-introduction.


I’ve heard that being prepared for re-introduction is just as important as being prepared for the Whole30, so research will be done while I ride out the storm.

Keep it fresh & fierce.

-Little Red

Coconut water: love or hate? Why are you doing or thinking about a Whole30?


Whole 30 Days 13-14

So I had a minor freak out today when eating some cucumbers with tahini.  I immediately started googling “tahini whole30” like crazy.  After I was assured via the Whole30 forums that it was ok I felt much better!

Things continue to go well.

Yesterday was very busy bopping between my desk job, my choreography job, and taking a group of students to see West Side Story at Signature Theatre.  But I made it through the days without breaking.

Chaperoning or one of the kids?

Chaperoning or one of the kids?

Today was a bit harder and the first time I really had to think about not eating things that are off the Whole30 plan.  I went to work choreography for Kiss Me, Kate and a wonderful teacher had brought in homemade brownies… ugh.  All I wanted was to have just half of one.  Especially when things got stressful trying to count a really weird time signature change.  (Please note: I read music like barely enough to get by)

How do I count this?!?!?!

How do I count this?!?!?!

I persevered, and am home using my night off to handle some batch cooking for the upcoming weekend working Snow White performances.  I suppose it is time to admit I am a workaholic…

I am trying a new recipe Buffalo Ranch Stuffed Peppers from Primally Inspired.  Check it out here.  I’ll let you know how they tasted next time.

Keep it dedicated and fierce!

-Little Red

How do you deal with cravings?

Whole 30 Days 6-12

I’m almost half way there!  I can hardly believe it myself.


I know I can do this, even though sometimes I really just want some peanut butter covered in chocolate.  But if I stay strong for 30 days I will be able to figure out just how the peanut butter or chocolate affect me, or if it does at all.

Meals have been really simple, which is helping me not freak out too much about how to stay on track. Protein, tons of veggies, and sometimes a potato for some starch.  There are also lots of salads happening.

There is one Whole30 rule I have been breaking: snacking.

With the amount of dancing I am doing on the weekdays choreographing Kiss Me, Kate  at one school and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee for a children’s theatre I find I am in need of some extra energy.  So instead of completely stuffing myself at meals, I am relying on fruits and nuts (and the occasional Larabar…I know its kinda technically breaking the rules too) to keep me going.

In other news: My students are freaking awesome.  They continue to amaze me with their dedication and hard work.  Plus, they are keeping this process lots of fun when it could be grueling trying to teach 22 musical theatre numbers in less than a month!


Now to make some tea and settle in for the State of the Union.

Keep it Whole30 and fierce!