Reading Rainbow

The other day I finished re-reading one of my favorite book series: Harry Potter.  Call me a nerd, dork, whatever, it was one of the most fun things I have done in a while.

Truth is at the end of summer I decided I wanted to get back into reading.  I used to love curling up in a comfy chair or on the couch with a book and a cup of tea.  Then one rainy day in early fall it happened.  I had no other plans and let’s face it the weather basically dictated I boil some water, crack open a book, and start reading.  I wanted to choose something I knew would engage me so I wouldn’t just give up after a few days so I reached for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

The next day I moved on to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. (Yes, I reread the first book in one afternoon). And while the rest of the books went a bit slower as life got busier, I kept plugging along and eventually found myself closing the cover of the seventh & final book for a second time.

The series is just so engaging and truly draws you into the vivid world J.K. Rowling created. And that gets at the heart of why I wanted to start reading again.  Books can transport you somewhere different the same way I believe live theatre can.  That’s part of the reason I work in theatre.

Of course there was a two pronged result to my new reading kick:

1) I picked up another book at the exchange my apartment building has and am now half way through The Fault in Our Stars. (I need recommendations for when I finish)

2)  I started thinking about Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter and how much I want to visit. Or the studio tour they have in London!


Turns out Universal is having a Harry Potter Celebration Jan 30 – Feb 1, 2015.  Although I won’t be heading down anytime too soon I do want to visit this at some point, and I haven’t been to Universal in …. possibly ever.

For now back to reading and researching.

Keep it imaginative & fierce!

-Little Red

What book would you reread?  Have you ever been to Wizarding World of Harry Potter?


Trying To Take On Everest?

The email!!

The email!!

Did you get the reminder email today?

The reminder to sign up for the final run of runDisney’s Expedition Everest Challenge.

I’ve always been curious about this one as it looks like pure fun: a 5k through Animal Kingdom Park at night, plus some fun obstacles, a clue solving mission, add an after-hours party in the park, the ability to run as a team, and of course a dose of Disney magic… who could resist.

I’m 99% sure I’ve convinced my dad to be my teammate.  It was a lot easier to do after I assured him this on was only a 5k, not the 13.1 miles he ran with me for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon.

This is all assuming of course we can get in! Being the final run ever of this event it is bound to be popular.

You can find all the details here at runDisney Expedition Everest Challenge.

Are you planning to register? Will you be waiting at a computer at 12noon on the dot? What runDisney event are you most curious about?

Fingers crossed for dad & I to get in, I’m off to think of a team name!

Keep it fierce (just like the Yeti).

-Little Red

The Traveling Insanity Circus

It has been a busy week continuing into a busy weekend.  Triple A is working a production of Cinderella with the middle school kids he teaches that opened last night (to rave reviews) and I have been in and out of rehearsal with him all week.  In addition I left yesterday morning to fly to Atlanta for my cousin’s wedding.

I have been decently good at staying on track with my Insanity workouts.  I even managed to fit in my Max Interval Circuit streaming from my IPhone in the hotel gym yesterday afternoon.

Sorry for the blurriness of the photo.

Sorry for the blurriness of the photo.

I had set plans to do the same this morning after the scheduled family breakfast, but reality decided to intervene.

1) the gym was full of people, some of whom where being idiots and messing around, a few actually working out

2) I really didn’t want to be “that” person.  You know the one playing their workout video getting in everyone’s way with no headphones in.

3) This was the only time I had in order to get the workout done, take a shower, get ready, and still make the wedding with little to no stress.

4) I started to do it in the room only to realize as soon as I got to side to side hops in the warm-up I was going to knock something over if I continued, and I am small….

So I am practicing my ability to be flexible while maintaining a training plan.  I made the decision to go back down to the gym and take an easy 30 minute walk on the treadmill to help reach my step goal today and to make today my rest day instead of tomorrow.

What does this mean:

I will be working out 7 days in a row next week…. not ideal but I can handle it.  I am learning to adapt my workouts to a busy schedule, as long as that schedule doesn’t lead to me dropping them entirely.  I really hate people being idiots and dicking around in gyms while some of us want to actually accomplish something. Mean? Probably.  True: Yes.

For now I am going to do something with my hair, slap on a dress, and celebrate my cousin and his new wife on my surprise rest day.

-Little Red

Question: How do you stay on track when traveling?