Midnight Motivation

Tonight I had to complete a simple 30 minute easy maintenance run, but my body was just fighting me.  Or rather my body felt good, I was going faster than usual on the treadmill, but I felt like exhaustion was chasing me.

But in that midnight hour I pushed through and got  run in: good, bad, or indifferent.

I give you some motivation for when part of you just wants to say “I can’t”.  I never let my acting and dance students use that phrase so I won’t let you either!

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I did and I hope you do as well.  Join me on Pinterest for more motivation & other sundry things sure to lure you into the infamous black hole of Pinterest knowledge.

Keep it motivated & fierce!

-Little Red


Weekly Report & Exciting News

You may have noticed that I have been away a few days.  This was to jumpstart the transition to my new self-hosted .com web address.  It’s all still new to me so I appreciate your patience as I work out the kinks.  Be sure to keep up with me on Facebook or Twitter to be sure not to miss a post during the transition!

This week was insane as I mentioned in my previous post.  We had a show open at work and in addition to the usual birthday parties and general princess madness we also hosted a sold out house with over 300 girl scouts and a Cinderella ball where I got to teach about 100 parents and little girls to waltz.  It was the most adorable thing on the planet!

My good eating habits may have gone out the window with all of the treats left in the box office to eat & the desire for pizza and red wine Saturday night:

All the cream puffs!

All the cream puffs!

However, I was pretty good at sticking to my workout plan… except for the weekend.

Weekly Report:

Sunday – Elliptical (30 min), Arms & Shoulders 

Monday – Walk, Cycle (30 min), Legs

Tuesday WalkRun (30 min easy), Abs

Wednesday – Walk, Elliptical (30 min), Chest & Back

Thursday – Walk, Run (30 min easy), Abs

Friday – Walk

Saturday – Rest Day (working shows all day and lots of waltzing meant no time for a long run so I moved it to Sunday!)

With school back in session after the winter break I also had choreography teaching days all week!

Total Progress Toward 2,015 in 2015 Challenge: 43.9 miles

Looks like I have to light a fire to get those miles in but figuring out scheduling is all part of the challenge.

Keep it fit & fierce!

-Little Red

How do you fit in workouts on busy weeks?  What was the best part of your week?


Weekly Report + Something New

After a week of recovering from the flu I was thrilled to jump back into my normal schedule.

Even better Santa came a little early with a super relevant present.

Someone must have been reading my blog.

Someone must have been reading my blog.

Yes, I got to play with this puppy before Christmas.  My dad had it mailed to me (even went to lengths to have my grandmother intercept it to wrap it first).  Later that day he called and seemed far too excited to see my reaction.  Considering that and the fact that him and his fiancee would not have great service on their Christmas travels I opened it that night over FaceTime with the two of them.

Needless to say I was completely shocked and overwhelmed with such a generous gift.  It also had the added benefit of me not being able to wait to get back into my training.

Motivation sometimes does come in a box.

Motivation sometimes does come in a box.

Sunday – Cycling/Arms & Shoulders – Nice and easy 30 minutes on the indoor bike followed by a tough biceps, triceps, and shoulders circuit. I definitely felt week coming back from a week off.

Monday – Rowing Machine/Legs – Easy 30 min rowing machine workout that was a bit tough to motivate, but remember I had the fish game to help me.  I really think breaking it up into smaller segments made all the difference between me completing and deciding to cut it short.  Also managed to slog through a legs strength training circuit.

Tuesday – Run/Abs – My current training schedule only calls for 30 minute maintenance runs between long runs.  Ooof was this one slow for me as I only managed 2.29 miles.  Finished with a quick abs workout. Garmin was great!

Wednesday – Elliptical/Chest & Back –  30 minutes easy on the elliptical followed by a chest & back circuit! I was getting oddly hot during the elliptical which was making me worry but frequent water breaks seemed to work.  I could feel my regular strength level returning for the weights portion.

Thursday – Run/Abs –  30 minute maintenance run for 2.4 miles.  This is closer to my normal pace and again the Garmin was rocking.  The beautiful Christmas weather didn’t hurt either.

Friday – Foam Rolling/Yoga – Active recovery y’all, its a thing.  My legs were feeling ridiculously tight, especially my hamstrings and right behind my knees.  I was in some pain but I really needed to work out some of that soreness & stiffness.

Saturday – Long Run/Abs – 6.5 miles out and back in Old Town on an absolutely stunning day!! Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for better conditions, except maybe for less people to be out enjoying the weather.  There was a lot of dodging random people who walked in front of me along the marina section of the trail. I managed to finish in about 1:10 according to my watch, but my brand new Garmin started acting up around mile 3.  It was pausing like every 5 seconds and not restarting for a while and then pausing again. At one point it buzzed a mile lap saying I had run it in 5 minutes: ummm sorry I am not nearly that fast.

Apparently this is a known issue and I did a hard reset like suggested.  We’ll have to see if this fixed it next week!

Keep it fit & fierce!

-Little Red

How was your week?  Did you receive any fitness or health related gifts this holiday season?

To You and Yours

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Christmas morning bliss.

I am taking it slow this morning and enjoying sleeping in and lazing about.  Which translates into wrapped up in my “Believe” blanket and sipping Candy Cane coffee.

I do have a 30 minute run to accomplish today as part of training so it was quite a treat to wake up to this view after 2 days of dense fog and off & on again rain.


Trust me I know how spoiled I am to have a view like this out my window.

I can finally see DC again, it’s a Christmas miracle!  Also according to my weather app it is about 54 degrees out…. so I get to run outside on Christmas and not be freezing! Y’all this is  unbelievable, not to mention a boost to my motivation.

I’m off to enjoy a easy peasy holiday.  Wishing you all an exciting & relaxing day as wall.

Keep it merry & fierce!

-Little Red

Do you complete training runs on holidays or rearrange them?  What’s your favorite part about the holidays?


Virtual Reality

The calendar may be leading up to Christmas, when most people take a break or vacation.  For me the calendar is also leading up to the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon.  So while I may be on break from work, my training days keep popping up on my calendar.

I’ve found that one of the most successful ways for me to ensure getting my workout in is to have a calendar alert go off at the beginning of the day.  Luckily all of my apple products make that an easy task, so I have a separate Fitness based calendar exclusively for my various healthy exploits.

Today while out on a training run I was listening to the Mickey Miles Podcast (seriously this podcast rocks even if you don’t plan to run disney) and it happened to be an episode where they had Jeff Galloway on to answer runner questions.

Awesome dinosaur lights I saw on my run.  They pretty much win christmas.

Awesome dinosaur lights I saw on my run. They pretty much win christmas.

Well in addition to the questions, which he is awesome at answering, he also had a little plug for a new race series the Jeff Galloway 13.1 and the Barb’s 3.1.  While the inaugural races just took place in Atlanta they are offering an opportunity to be an inaugural runner by participating in virtual version of the races.

I was intrigued and definitely checked out the website.  I’m thinking I will probably do the virtual 5k, since that is an easy training run for me, and maybe drawn to the 13.1 because really its an inaugural race, and Jeff Galloway, and why not!  I’ve never done a virtual race before so this will be an adventure for me.

Keep it focused & fierce!

-Little Red

Have you ever participated in a virtual race? What running podcasts do you listen to?