St. Patrick’s Day + RunDisney Wine & Dine Registration

*Note: this was supposed to publish on St. Patrick’s Day, but ended up a draft due to technical difficulties.*


First up this is my second day of Paleo.  Yesterday was great if a little lacking in energy by rehearsal that evening.  Of course we were working the big dance number Ugh A Wugg so I was bound to be tired.

Here’s the trouble spot: I woke up this morning feeling like I had no energy at all.  I immediately scarfed down a banana, made some hot chocolate (not strictly paleo), and ate an apple with almond butter.  About an hour later I was back to normal.

My theory is that I didn’t eat enough calories yesterday.  Not having grains makes that harder.  My potential solution will be to track my calorie intake better just to make sure I am getting enough.

Moving on to part 2:

Today at noon, so like now since my computer is being slow, registration opens for runDisney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend.  This year the event will be November 6-7, 2015.

This event has a special place in my heart since it was my first half marathon ever!  And after running the Jingle Jungle 5k that morning. And with a broken finger from my attempt to learn to ride a bike.


While I don’t plan on running it in 2015 I highly recommend the race.  Really both races, because the Jungle Jungle 5k is honestly a blast! (Not to mention it was my first time ever seeing Animal Kingdom…. pretty cool way to experience a new park for the first time.)

Let the onslaught of pictures begin:

Jingle Jungle 5kIMG_1274 IMG_1290 IMG_1298IMG_1311

Wine & Dine Half Marathon

There is simply no way to describe running through the Osborn Lights.  Maybe one way, magical!  But you just have to experience it for yourself.

IMG_1428 IMG_1426 IMG_1417 IMG_1415 IMG_1412 IMG_1410 IMG_1401 IMG_1392 IMG_1379

Oh forgot to tell you I managed to convince my dad to run too.  I think he is looking forward to just the 5k of Expedition Everest Challenge.

So what are you waiting for?  Register for the Wine & Dine today! (oh, and hit me up if you want to guest blog about your race.)

Keep it running & fierce!

– Little Red

Planning to run the Wine & Dine Half or Jingle Jungle 5k?


Dream Races – Series Edition

Sometime I will have to create my own dream race but for now I will list 5 series races I dream of running.  Basically anything that has multiple locations.

Some are problematic because running can be expensive, some because of timing, and some because of distance.

5. Rock ‘n’ Roll – On my list: New Orleans, Las Vegas, Dublin… ok a lot of them!  I am excited to tackle the DC half in March.

4. Hot Chocolate 15k – Who doesn’t love chocolate?  Or hot chocolate?  Speaking of which I am drinking some right now, with a little special addition.  I am bummed they no longer do one in the DC area so I will have to find somewhere else.  Maybe Philly.



3. Run Nike Women’s Series – Speaking of being bummed there is no longer a DC race… I loved volunteering at this race last year and was hoping 2015 would be my year to run it.  Plus, gotta love the Tiffany necklace bling and men in tuxes.  Unfortunately it looks like San Fransisco is the only US location this year.  As cool as Toronto sounds its only a 15k. I’m torn. (PS- if you at all work with this organization convince them to get a real website.  It was hard to figure out what to link to!)

2. Rangar Relay – I find these so cool!  Intense but cool and truly a team building activity.  And if my work in theatre has done anything it is about team building.  They have a DC one but I have to say Napa Valley seems like it would be fun too.

1.  runDisney – Was their any doubt?  I did question moving this to number 2, but for now here it will stay.  As of now I have only done one runDisney event but am super excited for Expedition Everest Challenge in May.  I want to eventually take on the Dopey Challenge combined with Castaway Cay for the ultimate ridiculous challenge (though I don’t know if that is more a challenge for my body or for my wallet.  Anyone know any available rich running patrons?)

Keep it dreamy & fierce!

-Little Red

What race do you dream of running?  What is holding you back?



Things I’m Lovin

Tomorrow I will spend an awful lot of time traveling to Monterey, California by way of San Fransisco for my dad’s wedding.

Today has been a little stressful making sure I tie up all the loose ends for the days I will miss at work.  I also try to leave my house fairly clean.  There is nothing like returning to a clean apartment after a vacation!  Since I will be jumping right into work the day after I get back it will be doubly important.

Of course nothing goes as planning, remember this day, but I am soldier through with the help of some awesome things:

Red wine! Cupcake is probably my favorite wine brand right now and the Red Velvet is oh so good.IMG_2249

Can you tell I am disney dreamin’ a little with the wine stopper?

The music video for Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud.

It’s so beautiful, and he is soo adorable learning to dance like that.  Impressive Ed, truly.

These exercise pants I found on super clearance at Target.


Their clearance section never disappoints.  The picture doesn’t do them justice.

Surprise mail from Disney World


It reminded me that our Expedition Everest Challenge trip will be here sooner than I think.

Speaking of Disney, good luck to all those running in the Inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend!

Keep it lovin’ & fierce!

-Little Red

What is your favorite wine or beer?  Are you running any of the events for Star Wars Weekend?

Retro or Ruh-Roh: Thoughts on the New Balance 2015 runDisney Shoes

There is a lot of talk out there on the interwebs around the release of the most recent New Balance runDisney shoe design pictured above.  In case you haven’t seen it yet: a lot of it is unhappy.

This is the third year of the collaboration of between the two major companies and based on what I could find online it looks like this was a late announcement compared to the previous two.

So why are folks unhappy?

The Ruh-Roh Part

They look “boring”  Compare these sneaks to the releases of previous years

2013 shoes.  Photo from Disney Parks Blog

2013 shoes. Photo from Disney Parks Blog

2014 shoes.  Photo from Disney Parks Blog

2014 shoes. Photo from Disney Parks Blog 

The black and white of the newest shoes seem to contrast drastically with the super colorful character inspired shoes of 2014.  Honestly, they even make the simple black, white, red, yellow classic palette of the 2013 versions look bright!

– The design isn’t as detailed  The 2013 shoes clearly pull directly from the design on the Mickey & Minnie costumes we are all so familiar with seeing in pictures from the park.  Minnie in her red polka dot dress, and Mickey in his suit and pants.  The more recent, and more varied, release of 2014 brought in Goofy, Cinderella, Sorcerer Mickey, and Pink Minnie.  They did some twists on the classics, and honestly built on what they had created so much buzz for by bringing in new, more varied, options.

Somehow some musical notes and a character signature don’t seem to add up to the simplified color & pattern scheme in terms of details.

– They are “not worth the price”/”hassle”  Yes, the price is steep at a reported $185 dollars.  My running shoes cost me just over $100 at my local running speciality store.  Oh yeah these puppies are expensive.  But, people have to realize we are talking Disney here.  Things are more expensive.  Plus add “limited edition” and the whole register for a digital queue to even try them on and you’ve built in some pretty high special product appeal for some people.  For others that might all just mean a hassle.

The Retro Part

– New trends in the sneaker industry  Personally, I don’t understand the people that pay that much for special edition running shoes to actually run in them.  For me they would be my general walking around (hopefully Disney) sneakers I use for everyday stuff.  That way they last longer making the cost per wear go down quite a bit.  That’s me though.  You do you.

These new runDisney kicks are more in line with that kind of general walking around style I am seeing more and more. puma-whirlwind-ii-sneakers new-balance-2014-spring-summer-420srhu-0

Who wants to get me these?  (I'm currently running in Saucony's and love them!)

Who wants to get me these? (I’m currently running in Saucony’s and love them!)

The retro thing is coming back in terms of daily wear sneaks and this may be New Balance’s response to more people using them for general use.

– They are far more subtle then previous versions I think this one is a “I do me, you do you” point.  The same things that leaves many unhappy with this edition may be the exact appeal of them to others.  It will be easier to wear the 2015 versions without your outfit screaming “I LOVE DISNEY!”

Final Thoughts

I love color when I am working out, but subtly when I am using shoes for day to day.  Therefore, I am drawn to all versions for various reasons. (Although I am partial to the goofy!)

Luckily for those who covet the 2014 versions some will be available at the Marathon & Star Wars weekends.

I think New Balance might have gotten a better response if the 2015 were their first release and they built to the bright statement shoes.  Instead, in many ways these shoes are seen as working backwards by many.  If I were New Balance I would have released them in this order: (Suspend your disbelief and disregard the small problem of obviously they did not have all of these planned 3 years out.)

Photo from Disney Parks Blog

Photo from Disney Parks Blog

2013 shoes.  Photo from Disney Parks Blog

2013 shoes. Photo from Disney Parks Blog

2014 shoes.  Photo from Disney Parks Blog

2014 shoes. Photo from Disney Parks Blog

As for me, I don’t see myself getting in line for these shoes, any of them.  I’d rather use the money toward more runDisney races and the time towards exploring the parks.

Keep it retro & fierce!

-Little Red

Are you team Retro or team Ruh-Roh?  Will you be trying to pick up the newest style or the 2014 editions?

Not Your Typical Christmas Eve

A few days ago we started looking at ya know actually planning the rest of our trip to Disney for the Expedition Everest Challenge in May.  Kind of important stuff.

Prompted by an email from Disney with an offer for 35% off of stays which happened to fall in our travel dates for the event I began my research.

Ever since our trip last November for Wine & Dine my family has joked I would make a great Disney travel agent. Truth is: I love doing the research and the planning and the  logistics of it all.  So I settled in with coffee and my grandmother to do just that.

{Side note: how does one become a Disney Travel Agent? ‘Cause I would love that job}

Research tools.

Research tools.

Me & my dad will be running the race as a team, and my grandmother will be coming along as a supporter and travel companion. (Because she is awesome like that!)

Last time we split our stay between the Polynesian and The Animal Kingdom Lodge, and while both resorts were beyond amazing we found the transportation and Animal Kingdom to be just too stressful for our group.  So, even thought this is the only race host resort in the Deluxe tier we ruled it out.

We knew we wanted to spend some time at Epcot for the Flower & Garden festival that will be going on and low and behold we came across a pretty unbelievable rate for a Beach Club Villa Studio (cheaper than the other deluxe level hotels, cheaper thane even some moderates, and most unbelievably to me: cheaper than Art of Animation, a value resort!!!!)

See I even took a photo to prove it

See I even took a photo to prove it

So we decided that would be our best option (fully knowing it will make race day travel a bit more complex, remember I like research).  However, because my dad will be traveling from Reno, NV we wanted to triple check the dates with him.


We settled in for an extremely chill Christmas Eve with some wine and……

A CHRISTMAS PIZZA!!! (I told you it was chill)


All red & green for the occasion.

I randomly decided to check the rates again a bit later only to discover the Beach Club Villa room had been snatched up.  Really I shouldn’t have been surprised considering how shocked I was at the deal. After doing some additional research on Disney’s cancellation policies and such we decided to pull the trigger and put a deposit down on the same dates for a only slightly higher price at the Yacht Club!

So there you go. That’s my unconventional Christmas Eve.

Now I get to start the fun part of dining reservations (did you know we are already past the 180 day out mark???? Crazy right!)

And back to tracking Santa! Merry Christmas.

Keep it celebratory & fierce!

-Little Red

Have you ever had a non-typical holiday?  Where are your favorite places to dine or stay in Disney World?