Virtual Reality

The calendar may be leading up to Christmas, when most people take a break or vacation.  For me the calendar is also leading up to the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon.  So while I may be on break from work, my training days keep popping up on my calendar.

I’ve found that one of the most successful ways for me to ensure getting my workout in is to have a calendar alert go off at the beginning of the day.  Luckily all of my apple products make that an easy task, so I have a separate Fitness based calendar exclusively for my various healthy exploits.

Today while out on a training run I was listening to the Mickey Miles Podcast (seriously this podcast rocks even if you don’t plan to run disney) and it happened to be an episode where they had Jeff Galloway on to answer runner questions.

Awesome dinosaur lights I saw on my run.  They pretty much win christmas.

Awesome dinosaur lights I saw on my run. They pretty much win christmas.

Well in addition to the questions, which he is awesome at answering, he also had a little plug for a new race series the Jeff Galloway 13.1 and the Barb’s 3.1.  While the inaugural races just took place in Atlanta they are offering an opportunity to be an inaugural runner by participating in virtual version of the races.

I was intrigued and definitely checked out the website.  I’m thinking I will probably do the virtual 5k, since that is an easy training run for me, and maybe drawn to the 13.1 because really its an inaugural race, and Jeff Galloway, and why not!  I’ve never done a virtual race before so this will be an adventure for me.

Keep it focused & fierce!

-Little Red

Have you ever participated in a virtual race? What running podcasts do you listen to?

The Best Laid Plans…

Get thwarted.

I was on a great streak of about two weeks following my training plan for the Rock ‘N Roll USA Half Marathon.

I’ve been doing a modified version of Jeff Galloway’s runDisney half training plan, cross training and strength training on non-running days with rest days as well.  I was feel unstoppable.

And then the flu struck.  That’s right the dreaded illness of teachers, students, and parents, and well really anyone.


This is about how I feel right now.

I honestly don’t think I have had an actual flu since I was a kid.  I get my flu shot at the beginning of the season every year, and yet here I sit 2 days in watching an embarrassing amount of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. (I am pretty convinced Netflix was designed by someone who had the flu and was sick of watching the same movies they had and yet didn’t want to infect anyone else by venturing out to the rental place.)

The saddest part: yesterday was a beautiful day to run here and I had a 6.5 mile long run scheduled. I however was trying to break my 102.5 fever.

However, I want to end on a bright side:

1) Popsicles– I love ice cream, but I always like popsicles to ease a sore throat (I may have already had two today..)

2) An excuse to lay in bed all day and watch Netflix. Ok so I kinda feel useless and lazy, but on the other hand I have been going since summer without a day off, so this forced time to unwind is actually not terrible, despite the runny nose etc.

3) Best family ever. Shortly after telling the world about my flu I got calls from my family and a drop off of supplies so I didn’t have to go into the world and risk sharing this with anyone. Basically my family rocks.

4) All of the bubble baths!  Because the hot water really helps clear the sinuses for me. Besides, one of my life philosophies is “bubble baths solve anything.”

Stay healthy fit & fierce.

-Little Red

While I hope no one else out there is sick: What do you do to get over an illness? Any indulgences you don’t allow yourself otherwise?