Dream Races – Series Edition

Sometime I will have to create my own dream race but for now I will list 5 series races I dream of running.  Basically anything that has multiple locations.

Some are problematic because running can be expensive, some because of timing, and some because of distance.

5. Rock ‘n’ Roll – On my list: New Orleans, Las Vegas, Dublin… ok a lot of them!  I am excited to tackle the DC half in March.

4. Hot Chocolate 15k – Who doesn’t love chocolate?  Or hot chocolate?  Speaking of which I am drinking some right now, with a little special addition.  I am bummed they no longer do one in the DC area so I will have to find somewhere else.  Maybe Philly.



3. Run Nike Women’s Series – Speaking of being bummed there is no longer a DC race… I loved volunteering at this race last year and was hoping 2015 would be my year to run it.  Plus, gotta love the Tiffany necklace bling and men in tuxes.  Unfortunately it looks like San Fransisco is the only US location this year.  As cool as Toronto sounds its only a 15k. I’m torn. (PS- if you at all work with this organization convince them to get a real website.  It was hard to figure out what to link to!)

2. Rangar Relay – I find these so cool!  Intense but cool and truly a team building activity.  And if my work in theatre has done anything it is about team building.  They have a DC one but I have to say Napa Valley seems like it would be fun too.

1.  runDisney – Was their any doubt?  I did question moving this to number 2, but for now here it will stay.  As of now I have only done one runDisney event but am super excited for Expedition Everest Challenge in May.  I want to eventually take on the Dopey Challenge combined with Castaway Cay for the ultimate ridiculous challenge (though I don’t know if that is more a challenge for my body or for my wallet.  Anyone know any available rich running patrons?)

Keep it dreamy & fierce!

-Little Red

What race do you dream of running?  What is holding you back?



2,015 in 2015… I Might Be Crazy

Just as I was getting back from my easy run today I got a text from a friend challenging me to run 2,015 miles in 2015. The text included a link to Run the Edge and asked what I thought.

Credit: Run the Edge

Credit: Run the Edge

I looked through all of the information on the website and was reassured when I saw you could walk, run, or use a combination to reach the miles. According to the comments the jury is out on whether elliptical counts, so you have to decide for yourself. You also have to option to split the miles various ways as part of a team of 2 or 3.  This would be an awesome idea for friends, couples, family members, etc to help motivate each other to move more in the new year. One of my goals/resolutions for 2015 is to up my mileage game and this would certainly be motivation. So I sent this sucker back: challenge-accepted-2 I may have made a rash decision but this will be the equivalent for me this year of The Dopey Challenge (since I won’t be there in January) or an Ironman (since I don’t know how to ride a bike… yet.) Up to the challenge? Get all the information & sign up here! Keep it challenging & fierce! -Little Red What are your running goals for 2015?  Are you planning to take on this or a similar challenge to help motivate you?


Virtual Reality

The calendar may be leading up to Christmas, when most people take a break or vacation.  For me the calendar is also leading up to the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon.  So while I may be on break from work, my training days keep popping up on my calendar.

I’ve found that one of the most successful ways for me to ensure getting my workout in is to have a calendar alert go off at the beginning of the day.  Luckily all of my apple products make that an easy task, so I have a separate Fitness based calendar exclusively for my various healthy exploits.

Today while out on a training run I was listening to the Mickey Miles Podcast (seriously this podcast rocks even if you don’t plan to run disney) and it happened to be an episode where they had Jeff Galloway on to answer runner questions.

Awesome dinosaur lights I saw on my run.  They pretty much win christmas.

Awesome dinosaur lights I saw on my run. They pretty much win christmas.

Well in addition to the questions, which he is awesome at answering, he also had a little plug for a new race series the Jeff Galloway 13.1 and the Barb’s 3.1.  While the inaugural races just took place in Atlanta they are offering an opportunity to be an inaugural runner by participating in virtual version of the races.

I was intrigued and definitely checked out the website.  I’m thinking I will probably do the virtual 5k, since that is an easy training run for me, and maybe drawn to the 13.1 because really its an inaugural race, and Jeff Galloway, and why not!  I’ve never done a virtual race before so this will be an adventure for me.

Keep it focused & fierce!

-Little Red

Have you ever participated in a virtual race? What running podcasts do you listen to?


Race Pass Deals

If you live in the DC area you might also have received an email today from Potomac River Running wishing you a “Merry Little Race Season”.

As we all look toward 2015 and start to figure out our race calendars they had a pretty sweet race deal to share.


For $110 dollars you can choose 4 of any of the over 25 races they organize. (Plus the email hinted at more to come.) With race costs ranging from $30-$55 you could stand to save quite a bit based on which races you choose.

Major upside: you receive a code to use to sign up for the events so you don’t even have to know which races now! So use it to sign up for four different races, as two people to run two races, or a group of four to run one.

Now, not to be left out Pacers offers a similar deal, but the races are pre-determined. For $120 (or 25% savings) Spring Race Pass gains you entry to:
First Down 5k & Pacers Combine
Love The Run You’re With
St. Patrick’s Day 5k-10k and ‘Lil Leprechaun Leap
And Four Courts Four Miler

So there are some pretty good deals for those in the Northern VA or DC area looking to fill their 2015 race schedules or simply do some fun runs.

Maybe consider getting one as a gift for your favorite runner this holiday season, or sign up with a friend trying to reach a new fitness goal. The opportunities are endless. Just know the offers are limited. Potomac River Running’s offer goes through December 31 and Pacers is offer ends January 29.

Use these awesome deals to plan to keep it fit & fierce in 2015!

-Little Red

Please note: I received absolutely no compensation for this post. I just can’t help but share a good deal.

Have you started planning your 2015 race calendar? Which race would you highly recommend in your area?

In or Out

Today I have not one but two race related tales to tell.

As you all know I was one of the many hoping to register to do the last run of runDisney’s Expedition Everest Challenge.  But it was also the day that runners selected from the lottery to run the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 miler were notified.

I woke up this morning and contemplated how to make sure I had a few minutes at work to register in case it looked like Expedition Everest ChaUnknown-1llenge would fill up quickly…. Newsflash: It SOLD OUT in about an hour and a half! Whoa, buddy!  Sounds like the Annual Pass and DVC early registration spots went quickly, too. The marketing side of me immediately started to wonder what race they are gonna cut next for the surge in registrations.  (According to other blogs I have read/DISboards this race sells slower than the others so it made sense to retire it.)

By the time I got onto the registration page I encountered trouble with it asking for a password simply to register.  I figure well guess not this one. But I decided to try just one more…

Before I registered I got the email from the Cherry Blossom folks. Again through reading various blogs I have heard how hard thiUnknowns race is to get into by lottery.  Most people suggest taking advantage of their volunteer for a guaranteed spot the following year policy.  I, however, did not know this advice until after last year’s race occurred.  Nonetheless, I decided to try my luck at the lottery entry, knowing there is only one person who wins anything in my family: my Aunt Susan. Seriously, it should be a special skill on her resume.

So without any further suspense building:

Drum roll please…….

Cherry Blossom 10 miler – IN!

Expedition Everest Challenge – IN!

I honestly cannot believe my luck on both accounts.  For Expedition Everest Challenge I will be running with my dad as a team since we did Wine & Dine Half Marathon together.

Dad & I after our first half-marathon: Wine & Dine 2013

Dad & I after our first half-marathon: Wine & Dine 2013

I didn’t realize we needed the team name immediately.  We hand’t come up with one together I had simply jokingly suggested “The Kenyan Albino Running Team” in my latest text…. Not wanting to miss out because of indecision I decided since we are both short my tagline would have to do.

Say hello to team Little But Fierce


On second thought Team Goofy might not have been a bad idea

That’s enough news to start my engines: time to get to training!

Keep it fit & fierce.

-Little Red

Have you ever been lucky getting into a race? Will Team Little But Fierce see you at Everest?