In or Out

Today I have not one but two race related tales to tell.

As you all know I was one of the many hoping to register to do the last run of runDisney’s Expedition Everest Challenge.  But it was also the day that runners selected from the lottery to run the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 miler were notified.

I woke up this morning and contemplated how to make sure I had a few minutes at work to register in case it looked like Expedition Everest ChaUnknown-1llenge would fill up quickly…. Newsflash: It SOLD OUT in about an hour and a half! Whoa, buddy!  Sounds like the Annual Pass and DVC early registration spots went quickly, too. The marketing side of me immediately started to wonder what race they are gonna cut next for the surge in registrations.  (According to other blogs I have read/DISboards this race sells slower than the others so it made sense to retire it.)

By the time I got onto the registration page I encountered trouble with it asking for a password simply to register.  I figure well guess not this one. But I decided to try just one more…

Before I registered I got the email from the Cherry Blossom folks. Again through reading various blogs I have heard how hard thiUnknowns race is to get into by lottery.  Most people suggest taking advantage of their volunteer for a guaranteed spot the following year policy.  I, however, did not know this advice until after last year’s race occurred.  Nonetheless, I decided to try my luck at the lottery entry, knowing there is only one person who wins anything in my family: my Aunt Susan. Seriously, it should be a special skill on her resume.

So without any further suspense building:

Drum roll please…….

Cherry Blossom 10 miler – IN!

Expedition Everest Challenge – IN!

I honestly cannot believe my luck on both accounts.  For Expedition Everest Challenge I will be running with my dad as a team since we did Wine & Dine Half Marathon together.

Dad & I after our first half-marathon: Wine & Dine 2013

Dad & I after our first half-marathon: Wine & Dine 2013

I didn’t realize we needed the team name immediately.  We hand’t come up with one together I had simply jokingly suggested “The Kenyan Albino Running Team” in my latest text…. Not wanting to miss out because of indecision I decided since we are both short my tagline would have to do.

Say hello to team Little But Fierce


On second thought Team Goofy might not have been a bad idea

That’s enough news to start my engines: time to get to training!

Keep it fit & fierce.

-Little Red

Have you ever been lucky getting into a race? Will Team Little But Fierce see you at Everest?


Trying To Take On Everest?

The email!!

The email!!

Did you get the reminder email today?

The reminder to sign up for the final run of runDisney’s Expedition Everest Challenge.

I’ve always been curious about this one as it looks like pure fun: a 5k through Animal Kingdom Park at night, plus some fun obstacles, a clue solving mission, add an after-hours party in the park, the ability to run as a team, and of course a dose of Disney magic… who could resist.

I’m 99% sure I’ve convinced my dad to be my teammate.  It was a lot easier to do after I assured him this on was only a 5k, not the 13.1 miles he ran with me for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon.

This is all assuming of course we can get in! Being the final run ever of this event it is bound to be popular.

You can find all the details here at runDisney Expedition Everest Challenge.

Are you planning to register? Will you be waiting at a computer at 12noon on the dot? What runDisney event are you most curious about?

Fingers crossed for dad & I to get in, I’m off to think of a team name!

Keep it fierce (just like the Yeti).

-Little Red