Midnight Motivation

Tonight I had to complete a simple 30 minute easy maintenance run, but my body was just fighting me.  Or rather my body felt good, I was going faster than usual on the treadmill, but I felt like exhaustion was chasing me.

But in that midnight hour I pushed through and got  run in: good, bad, or indifferent.

I give you some motivation for when part of you just wants to say “I can’t”.  I never let my acting and dance students use that phrase so I won’t let you either!

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I did and I hope you do as well.  Join me on Pinterest for more motivation & other sundry things sure to lure you into the infamous black hole of Pinterest knowledge.

Keep it motivated & fierce!

-Little Red

Mail Time!

Today at work I finally completed an epic project that rolls around this time every year.  The Giving Letter.

Every December as we near the end of the personal tax year 9 out of 10 non-profit organizations beef up their donations ask marketing and the children’s theatre I work at is no different.  We mail about 500 letters out to participants, donors, supporters, basically anyone we can reminding them about the work we do, why it is important and valuable to our community.  I truly believe in the benefit of children’s theatre and cannot imagine a more genuine place to work.  So much so that what may normally be seen as an intern task is taken on by all in the office: executive director and programs associates alike!

Taking over the conference room

Taking over the conference room

STUFFING 500 ENVELOPES, and folding, and licking, and well you know the drill. (In short: if I ever get married I am prepared) Because I work in such an awesome place we blasted the christmas music and were done in about 2 hours!

Needless to say the repetitive motion had me tired… I know all that sitting down is such hard work. But I still managed to get my workout in.  It took some coaching to get myself down to the rowing machine but then the best thing ever happened.

I went to turn it on and found a game: (cue audience : oooOOOooo)

Best cardio machine addition ever!

Best cardio machine addition ever!

It’s called the Fish Game and you play in 4 minute increments.  Based on how fast or slow you row your fish goes up and down.  You eat the little fishes to earn points, but if a black fish eats you you lose points.  So silly and so simple, and yet I had no problem powering through what would have otherwise been a tedious rowing workout.

Hopefully I won’t become reliant on this sort of motivation, but if it works I’ll take it!

Keep it entertaining & fierce!

– Little Red

PS- Feeling in a giving mood? Check out the children’s theatre I work for, Encore Stage & Studio.  We are a “theatre by kids, for kids”.  This means all the performances, onstage & backstage, are done by children.  It costs them nothing to participate in the productions, we give out a lot of scholarships for classes & camps, and donate hundreds of tickets to local schools.

Does your favorite cardio machine have a game? Have you ever invented a game to make it though a tough workout? What causes do you support?