To You and Yours

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Christmas morning bliss.

I am taking it slow this morning and enjoying sleeping in and lazing about.  Which translates into wrapped up in my “Believe” blanket and sipping Candy Cane coffee.

I do have a 30 minute run to accomplish today as part of training so it was quite a treat to wake up to this view after 2 days of dense fog and off & on again rain.


Trust me I know how spoiled I am to have a view like this out my window.

I can finally see DC again, it’s a Christmas miracle!  Also according to my weather app it is about 54 degrees out…. so I get to run outside on Christmas and not be freezing! Y’all this is  unbelievable, not to mention a boost to my motivation.

I’m off to enjoy a easy peasy holiday.  Wishing you all an exciting & relaxing day as wall.

Keep it merry & fierce!

-Little Red

Do you complete training runs on holidays or rearrange them?  What’s your favorite part about the holidays?


Friday Faves

Since it’s the holidays I am embracing it and going with some of my favorite holiday things, in no particular order:

– Office holiday parties. It’s not really a secret that I am extremely luck to love my job. Well  I love all of my jobs since I freelance but I do work steadily part time for a children’s theatre teaching, choreographing, and doing other random office things.  Honestly I work with some of the happiest, most giving, and dedicated people ever. This just goes to make parties all the more fun and not awkward and dreadful.

White Christmas.  Probably my favorite holiday movie.  used to watch old musical movies like this all the time at my grandparents house.  I truly believe they taught me to choreograph by example. Plus who doesn’t love a little Danny Kaye & Vera Ellen! Fun fact: Vera Ellen was the basis for classic Barbie. I mean look at her.

– SNOW!  This is about the only time of year I enjoy snow.

– Making Ginger Candied Carrots. Seriously these are the most delicious things ever.  You know how one food can make or break a meal feeling like a holiday? For me Ginger Candied Carrots are that food. I will share the recipe soon.

Time to relax.  For the past three years I have had a holiday

From Victorian Christmas Music Hall

From Victorian Christmas Music Hall

show to do where I played Nellie Wright, card girl in A Victorian Christmas Music Hall.  While I do miss the show and the wonderful hilarious cast it is a nice change of pace to have a real true “I have no responsibilities” break built into my schedule this year.

Keep the holidays fun & fierce!

-Little Red

What are your favorite things about the holidays? Do you stay busy or use this time as a chance to recharge?