Clean Up Your Toys

I wasn’t planning to address this topic until next week but today I was put over the edge.  What put me over the edge?  It was not the snowy commute I faced this morning. (Yes a lot of DC area people are livid over that).


It was walking into an empty gym to find this:


And this:


Seriously, the rack is RIGHT THERE!

And this:

IMG_2226So I spent 20 minutes this morning CLEANING UP AFTER OTHER PEOPLE!  I was pissed.  It is so convent having a gym, if somewhat small, downstairs in my building. However, the unending inability of others to clean up after themselves and their workouts might just drive me to get a gym membership.

I was under the impression that putting away your toys was something we all learned in Kindergarten.  Apparently, I was wrong.  A few people seem to have also missed the memo on sharing.  After my brief stint as a maid, I went to hop on the exercise machine of my choice to find this had appeared:

IMG_2150Someone had walked in, while I was busy putting things in their proper place, and used the entire machine next to where they were working out to STORE THEIR STUFF?!?!?!?!?!!

I ditched the idea of the elliptical and decided to run out my feelings on the treadmill.

So please, show some respect to the shared space that is your gym put away your toys, share with others, and just use logic.  Your house can be as messy as you like… mine certainly is, but no one else has to deal with it but me.  And if you happen to recognize this gym and you are the one leaving stuff laying about everywhere beware my wrath.

Keep it clean & fierce!

-Little Red

What is your biggest fitness pet peeve?


A Winter Solstice Weekly Report

It’s time to report out on how this week went for me training wise.

SPOILER ALERT: I had/was recovering from a bad case of the flu for most of it so its not very exciting.

What is exciting is that I am comfortably curled up on my couch with hazelnut hot chocolate & a fresh balsam candle.  Basically I’m celebrating winter solstice by hiding from the outdoors.  (Seriously did anyone else feel exhausted when the sun went down at like 3:30?)

Hot chocolate just doesn't count unless it has tons of marshmallows

Hot chocolate just doesn’t count unless it has tons of marshmallows

So here it is the weekly report:

SundayFlu – so walking to get a tissue was the equivalent of a good workout.

Monday – Choreography – I’m working on Anything Goes  right now with a local high school and we began tackling one of the longest numbers in the show Blow, Gabriel, Blow. Don’t think this is a workout? Watch Sutton Foster and then decide. (And that’s only a quarter of the real number!) Even with my arguably much easier choreography, since they are highschoolers and not professional actors, my students kept joking that now they understand why they get gym credit for the musical.  I didn’t do another workout cause I was still recovering from the flu.

Tuesday – Choreography/Walk/Abs – I mentioned this was one of the longest numbers in the show right? I was starting to feel better so I convinced myself to go for a short 30

Winter really translates to "so glad my apartment building has a gym downstairs" in Kelsey speak

Winter really translates to “so glad my apartment building has a gym downstairs” in Kelsey speak

minute walk on the treadmill since I didn’t feel quite up to my scheduled run. I did power through some quick abs though.

Wednesday – Rest Day – The walk was fine but I felt crazy down energy wise so decided to take the day off.

Thursday – Choreography – yep, longest number ever… it still isn’t done which I am bummed about since the students are now on break and it will be hanging over my head.

Friday – Rest Day – This is always my stretch & rest day and I embraced it …. minus the stretching.

Saturday – Long Run – My training plan called for a 6.5 mile long run, but I shortened it to 4 miles since I hadn’t run all week.  I absolutely adore living next to the George Washington trail and ran to National Airport & back.  It went better than I thought but there were far more walk breaks than usual.

Here’s to hoping this week isn’t thwarted by illness.

Keep it warm & fierce this Winter Solstice!

-Little Red

How was your week?  What’s your favorite way to get moving outside of traditional “gym activities”?  Does winter make you hide in a gym for workouts too?