Back In The Game

First off my apologies for the weeklong or more absence.  To say I was a little rattled by the fainting episode is an understatement.  I decided to give myself a full week off of Insanity or any exercise in order to be absolutely sure it wouldn’t happen again.  Especially considering the air conditioning in my building was not working and they think heat might have been a trigger for the collapse.

But here I am back to it.  Man I forgot how hard Insanity was.  How does one forget that?  Well I was at a point where I was feeling strong and ready for the daily challenges.  Now I feel weak and ill prepared.  But I have faith my strength will come back and I am still completing the workouts and burning a ton of calories, even if I am taking more breaks and breathing heavier.

I had an amazing 5k this past Sunday at the Girls on the Run Taste of Arlington.  Not time wise but feeling wise and I sincerely have Triple A to thank for that.  It was my first workout of any effort other than walking and so I was running by feel, a bit of a forced situation as my HR monitor was acting up.  It felt so good to be out moving.  We had some great conversation and it was inspiring to see all those girls and family members finishing a goal! (I am so behind on recaps but I promise soon).

So as I contemplate the ability of standing after Max Cardio Conditioning I leave you hoping you find your inspiration to finish your goals whatever they may be.


Keep it fit & fierce!

-Little Red