George Washington Parkway Classic Race Recap

On April 13th I participated in Pacers 30th annual George Washington Parkway Classic 10 mile race. This is a point to point race which starts at Mount Vernon (George Washington’s home) and ends in Old Town Alexandria’s waterfront. Considering the finish line is less than a mile from by apartment building I felt like I had no excuse not to run it, so I signed up fully planning to have Triple A run with me.

A few things happened to mess up my plan. My diagnosis of Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism basically shut down my training until about 3 weeks before. Then Triple A and I realized he had a matinee performance of Reefer Madness that day in Maryland and running the race would be cutting it too close time wise.

I debated not going or changing to the shorter 5k distance they offered, but I finally decided I would at least start and worse comes to worse the bus would pick me up.

Packet pick up was a breeze at the Old Town Alexandria Pacers location.  It took me less than 5 minutes including finding parking, free parking at that, which must be an unheard of feat in Old Town until now!

Packet Pick Up Goodies

Packet Pick Up Goodies (bear not included)

I received my race day bib with gear check number and beverage ticket attached, safety pins, an information pamphlet, and the race tech t-shirt all enclosed in the clear plastic gear check bag.

Then came the day of the race: far sooner than I would have liked considering my training predicament.

I opted to take the provided runner transportation buses to the race start and planned to walk home from the finish.  I arrived at about 6:30 and was immediately put on a bus. The drive felt so long and I did my best not to think about it and focus on the beautiful sunrise along the parkway.

We arrived at the start area at Mount Vernon about an hour before race time.  It was beautiful but COLD and I was thrilled they had mylar blankets, coffee, bagels, and water at the start area (especially since I forgot to eat before I left… thanks nerves!)

Sunrise at Mount Vernon

Sunrise at Mount Vernon

Beautiful day to Run!!!

Beautiful day to Run!!!


I quickly got a mylar blanket, grabbed about half a plain bagel & water, and headed over to the gear check area provided by Two Men & a Truck.

Gear check was quick and efficient so I headed for the porta potties and discovered the longest line I have ever seen.  No really ever. Despite waiting about 25 minutes I made it back to the start with out 15 minutes to spare.

My least favorite part of any race ever happened next, and might very well be reason alone I will most likely never run this race again. Despite all the posting and over emphasizing about busses NOT running after the cut off time there were still busses coming into the round about/race corrals as the race was supposed to start (even with a 7 minute race delay).  We were never told to get in corrals, how the corrals were working and then I was crowded up against a MOVING bus as people tried to get into the area to start the race.  Talk about dangerous! Thankfully a very burly man helped me get to the other side since he could see I was freaked out. Poor planning Pacers.  For the $75 entry fee I expected to not almost get hit by a bus.

Once we got started I ran that first mile QUICK.  I just wanted to get away from that awful experience and wasn’t sure if the busses would have to come after us to get where they needed to go!

The race course is beautiful, stunning, and breathtaking at times as it runs right along the Potomac River. There are very few spectators, I saw maybe 10 total, so it was a nice run to focus on my thoughts and just keep truckin’.

I was feeling pretty good and was running by feel for the 1st half of the race.  But as the temps went up with the sun, and the gradual rolling hills got a bit bigger I started having to run by heart rate.  Part of the challenge of my hyperthyroidism is my elevated heart rate which hasn’t quite evened out with treatment.  I looked down around mile 6 and noticed I was running at 100% of my max heart rate! I immediately walked the next .5 miles or so.  I have been using this method throughout Insanity training but it was so different using it on a run and eventually it started to feel limiting and I got a little frustrated.

Then all the sudden I was in the final stretch, and after high fiving the cutest  kid everyone else was too busy running past I picked it up for the last half mile.  One of the men who already finished was .1 miles away from this finish yelling at us to “Dig Deeper!” and I just about lost it laughing but hey if Shaun T wants to help me finish a 10 miler I’ll take it.

I crossed the finish line and was handed a cool spinning 30th anniversary medal, given water, and an awesome snack box. I thought about grabbing a beer but the line was too much and I had a full day ahead of me. I think if Triple A was there I might have stayed at the finish line festival a little longer.

I did it! Despite no training I did it!

I did it! Despite no training I did it!

The results came out that afternoon and I found out I had run a 1:57:39 an average of 11:46 min miles.

To say I was shocked considering I had no training except Insanity and the Crystal City 5k’s I was THRILLED! My goal was just to finish, but I walked out a finisher, proving I won’t let my autoimmune disorder hold me back, and with a PR (since I had never run a 10 mile race, but it counts). Best of all I didn’t get picked up by the bus!

Overall the race course was a great experience.  If Pacers can fix the start line and corral issues I would consider running it again, until then I’ll stick with running the nearby trail on my own.

Hope you are keeping it fit, fabulous & fierce!

-Little Red



It’s Following Me

Well as usual I am running behind.  Not literally but in terms of keeping up with life.  Surprise alert: Teaching 45 kids from ages 4-9 for 5 days straight 8 hours a day makes you feel like this:

10 more minutes...

10 more minutes…


I mean really even trying to write all those numbers made me feel like that.  The thing people say about kids stealing energy from you must be true (how else do they do it????)

But occasionally you are rewarded with seeing them all adorably sing “Impossible” from Rogers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, or dance around to “The Jitterbug” from Wizard of Oz.  However one student topped all things EVER of adorableness.  This one four year old was walking in our tiled hallway, which shines like a mirror sort of, and started stepping very carefully saying “It’s following me!”  Yep, she had discovered her shadow for the first time and it was THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER. (there are not enough capitals to describe this)

But lets take a look at the workout week on top of the massive amounts of elementary school energy I endured.  I’m not gonna lie this was R-O-U-G-H.  Oh and add in the allergies for good measure. In addition to sweat I was dealing with snot which meant water breaks were more like tissue breaks. Gross.

"It's not a pretty picture"

I may have looked closer to this than I liked.


Sunday- Rest Day! but not really I ran the George Washington Parkway Classic 10 miler (race report soon)

Monday- Fit Test #2, that came so quickly and the results are below

Tuesday- Plyometric Cardio Circuit, I may have thought about crying through this workout I was so exhausted

Wednesday- Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs, I got through almost all of the abs.  Hooray for progress!

ThursdayCardio Recovery, thank goodness I needed the stretch but my muscles felt crazy tight like I wasn’t quite getting there

Friday- Cardio Power & Resistance & Crystal City 5k Fridays #3, I cannot thank Triple A enough for being there otherwise I may not have finished this race.

Saturday- Plyometric Cardio Circuit, I really want to punch Shaun T when he says “This isn’t tap dancing” umm…. WHAT??? Tap dancing is fun while burning calories this is torture.  And don’t talk smack about Tap!


Body Stats/Measurements

Fit Test #1         Fit Test #2            Result

Weight:                          108.2 lbs              110.1 lbs                   + 1.9 lbs

Body Fat %:                   19.7%                    19.2%                        –  .5%

Resting Heart Rate:    55 bpm                  56 bmp                     + 1 bmp

Chest:                              32 in                      31.5 in                      – .5 in

Bicep:                             10 in                      10 in                             0 in

Waist:                             28.5 in                  27 in                          – 1.5 in

Hips:                               38.5 in                  38 in                          – .5 in

Thigh:                             23 in                      21.5 in                       – 1.5 in

Calf:                                 14 in                       14 in                             0 in


Fit Test Results

Fit Test #1         Fit Test #2            Result

Switch Kicks:               64                            108                           +44

Power Jacks:               48                             62                             +14

Power Knees:              95                            112                            +17

Power Jumps:             25                             39                             +14

Globe Jumps:               9                               13                             +4

Suicide Jumps:            15                             17                             +2

Push-Up Jacks:          20                             26                             +6

Low Plank Oblique:  50                              62                             +12

And of course a few pictures (if terribly taken by myself):

sorry diffuser in the way!

sorry diffuser in the way!

Yes that is A Chorus Line poster

Yes that is A Chorus Line poster


Slowly but surely I am getting it done!

Here’s to spring weather, even if allergies are going nuts.

-Little Red