Weekly Report + Something New

After a week of recovering from the flu I was thrilled to jump back into my normal schedule.

Even better Santa came a little early with a super relevant present.

Someone must have been reading my blog.

Someone must have been reading my blog.

Yes, I got to play with this puppy before Christmas.  My dad had it mailed to me (even went to lengths to have my grandmother intercept it to wrap it first).  Later that day he called and seemed far too excited to see my reaction.  Considering that and the fact that him and his fiancee would not have great service on their Christmas travels I opened it that night over FaceTime with the two of them.

Needless to say I was completely shocked and overwhelmed with such a generous gift.  It also had the added benefit of me not being able to wait to get back into my training.

Motivation sometimes does come in a box.

Motivation sometimes does come in a box.

Sunday – Cycling/Arms & Shoulders – Nice and easy 30 minutes on the indoor bike followed by a tough biceps, triceps, and shoulders circuit. I definitely felt week coming back from a week off.

Monday – Rowing Machine/Legs – Easy 30 min rowing machine workout that was a bit tough to motivate, but remember I had the fish game to help me.  I really think breaking it up into smaller segments made all the difference between me completing and deciding to cut it short.  Also managed to slog through a legs strength training circuit.

Tuesday – Run/Abs – My current training schedule only calls for 30 minute maintenance runs between long runs.  Ooof was this one slow for me as I only managed 2.29 miles.  Finished with a quick abs workout. Garmin was great!

Wednesday – Elliptical/Chest & Back –  30 minutes easy on the elliptical followed by a chest & back circuit! I was getting oddly hot during the elliptical which was making me worry but frequent water breaks seemed to work.  I could feel my regular strength level returning for the weights portion.

Thursday – Run/Abs –  30 minute maintenance run for 2.4 miles.  This is closer to my normal pace and again the Garmin was rocking.  The beautiful Christmas weather didn’t hurt either.

Friday – Foam Rolling/Yoga – Active recovery y’all, its a thing.  My legs were feeling ridiculously tight, especially my hamstrings and right behind my knees.  I was in some pain but I really needed to work out some of that soreness & stiffness.

Saturday – Long Run/Abs – 6.5 miles out and back in Old Town on an absolutely stunning day!! Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for better conditions, except maybe for less people to be out enjoying the weather.  There was a lot of dodging random people who walked in front of me along the marina section of the trail. I managed to finish in about 1:10 according to my watch, but my brand new Garmin started acting up around mile 3.  It was pausing like every 5 seconds and not restarting for a while and then pausing again. At one point it buzzed a mile lap saying I had run it in 5 minutes: ummm sorry I am not nearly that fast.

Apparently this is a known issue and I did a hard reset like suggested.  We’ll have to see if this fixed it next week!

Keep it fit & fierce!

-Little Red

How was your week?  Did you receive any fitness or health related gifts this holiday season?


Holiday Wish List

Not gonna lie, it does not feel like the Christmas season over here.  This was brought to my attention when a co-worker and I were trying to figure out the timeline of a project and I suggested we complete it on Wednesday.  Luckily she laughed and reminded me that’s Christmas Eve!  It’s just all coming so fast.  Usually my apartment is an EXPLOSION of Christmas Cheer.  This year I was lucky I got the wreath on the door.

Christmas decorations – wreath

Christmas music – playing since Thanksgiving dinner finished

Christmas movies – watched 3, and neither of my classics White Christmas or The Grinch

Christmas shopping – not even started

Which reminded me to think about those crazy awesome things I have on my secret wish list.

  1. Garmin Forerunner 220 – ever since I read DC Rainmaker’s review

    Photo by Garmin

    of this running GPS watch I was sold! Plus, who wouldn’t love the cute color. Problem being my wallet wouldn’t be too happy with the $200+ price tag. However, since I am considering my first marathon in 2015 it would be a nice training tool.

  2. Ice Queen Ultra Skirt/Pants – I heard about these while
    photo by Skirt Sports

    photo by Skirt Sports

    listening to a holiday gift guide on the Mickey Miles Podcast.  Since I am trying to run outdoors more this winter these sound like they would be great. Favorite feature: adjustable length ’cause remember I’m only 4’10”.

  3. photo by FitBit

    photo by FitBit

    FitBit Flex Bands – or this pretty bracelet for when I’m going to the theatre or doing office work. The colorful regular ones work awesome for day to day and when I’m choreographing.

  4. Fitness Magazine or Runner’s World Subscription – I love reading these while doing some easy cross training on the bike or elliptical.
  5. CLIF Shot Bloks – I love these for long runs.  I’ve only tried the orange but have heard good things about the margarita flavor.

So, just in case anyone else hasn’t finished their shopping and happens to be looking for me (wink, wink) now you have my not so secret wish list.

Keep it fit & fierce!

-Little Red

Have you finished holiday shopping? What is on your holiday wish list? What about your running or fitness wish list?