Not Resolutions

I hope everyone had a happy and safe start to 2015!  Mine was a lot of fun starting with the Fairfax Four Miler (race recap) and then heading out in DC with friends.

I wanted to share my goals for 2015.  That’s right I said goals because I’m not very good at sticking to resolutions.  I feel like even the word “resolution” means that as soon as I slip up it is over.  However, when I look at things as measurable goals, all of the sudden slip ups simply reduce the percentage of completion.

Please, don’t think I am against resolutions altogether.  I have a “you do you” philosophy and this is what works for me.

May I present my 2015 goals, which I have conveniently divided into categories:

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  • Consistency – My busy schedule means that sometimes I get off track with working out.  Hopefully in 2015 I will be able to strength train at least 2 times a week and run/cardio cross train at least 3.  Hopefully there will be more, but I’d rather surprise myself than struggle.
  • 2,015 miles in 2015 – I’ve already mentioned I signed up for this challenge to cover 2,015 miles on foot this year.  I started slowly chipping away at it this afternoon with an easy 3 mile walk.  My hope is this challenge will provide the added motivation to keep my workouts consistent.  There’s still time to sign-up if you want to join!
  • Learn to love like appreciate Yoga – Again my busy schedule often gets the best of me.  I know yoga to be helpful for meditation, centering, and flexibility.  I need all of these things in my life, who doesn’t?  I just struggle so much with finding anything to enjoy in it.
  • Try new things – I want to get creative and have fun with my fitness.  I also want to not be afraid of trying something new.  Some things I am contemplating: Crossfit, Pole Dancing classes, Barre, and rock climbing. Suggestions?
  • Run a marathon? – This one has a question mark for a reason.  I need to decide if I am actually ready for this step, but I’d like to try and tackle it in 2015.

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  • Keep up with doctor visits – Luckily I am decently good at this one already.  When I got my insurance (thanks awesome part time job!) last year I started 2014 off right with all of the doctors appointments, and I mean everything primary care, dentist, OB/GYN, dermatologist, the whole shebang.  I am so glad I did.  This led to my Graves’ disease and hyperthyroidism diagnosis.  Without knowing what was going on I would have been in huge danger of having a thyroid storm which trust me is scary.  So I want to continue this trend since having an auto-immune disorder makes this very important.
  • Less eating out – Here comes the “busy schedule” again…. It is so easy to let that get in the way of me taking time to grocery shop and prepare meals.  This is a bad habit both for my budget and my waistline.  I’ve already made strides toward this goal since my schedule has been lighter for a little while, but it can still be better.  That way when I do eat out it is a treat I can savor, not a way to get nutrition.
  • Track meals – This goes hand in hand with the last goal.  I plan to use MyFitnessPal to monitor my choices, not to try and lose weight.
  • Try new recipes – Keeping with the idea of trying new workouts I am also challenging myself to try at least one new recipe each month.

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  • Write at least 3 times a week – It’s easy to post every day when I am on a break from all of my jobs at once.  However, I want to continue tracking my fitness journey and sharing it with those who may be interested.
  • Move to a self hosted site – I’ve started doing research on this move and if I can hold myself to my posting goal I will take the next step in 6 months or so.
  • Engage with others – Honesty time: I suck at social media.  I am really good at reading it but so terrible at posting my own things or commenting on someone else’s post no matter how awesome I think it may be.  It’s time to put myself out on a limb.

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  • Audition more – Since my diagnosis I have been choosing not to audition until my health was under control.  I often am doing shows with smaller companies which means no understudy and I couldn’t stand the idea of letting someone down.  Now that things are under control its time to get back out there.
  • Make my apartment a home – It’s no secret that I love my little apartment.  After being here for three years is is time to start doing all the “interior designy” things I have been thinking about.  I started on my home office area today and it is already looking so much better!
  • Read more books – I read exactly 8 books in 2014.  I talked about seven of them here.  My goal for 2015 is to use my library access more, whether that means physically checking out books or using their online rental system to read things on my iPad.
  • Become more patient – This one will be an ongoing goal for self-betterment.  I need to be more patient with others and with myself.  Things take time and that is ok!

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  • Volunteer – This is perhaps my most important goal for this year.  If all the others fall through I hope I can keep to this.  I want to give back to my community.  Ideally I will volunteer in some capacity twice a month.  If I don’t I want to hold myself accountable my making a small donation to a non-profit or charity for each time I miss.

It’s a long list, I know.  But I think they are all manageable as most are simply improving upon things I have already started.

Here’s to an amazing 2015.

Keep it resolute & fierce!

-Little Red

What are your goals or resolutions for the new year?

The Traveling Insanity Circus

It has been a busy week continuing into a busy weekend.  Triple A is working a production of Cinderella with the middle school kids he teaches that opened last night (to rave reviews) and I have been in and out of rehearsal with him all week.  In addition I left yesterday morning to fly to Atlanta for my cousin’s wedding.

I have been decently good at staying on track with my Insanity workouts.  I even managed to fit in my Max Interval Circuit streaming from my IPhone in the hotel gym yesterday afternoon.

Sorry for the blurriness of the photo.

Sorry for the blurriness of the photo.

I had set plans to do the same this morning after the scheduled family breakfast, but reality decided to intervene.

1) the gym was full of people, some of whom where being idiots and messing around, a few actually working out

2) I really didn’t want to be “that” person.  You know the one playing their workout video getting in everyone’s way with no headphones in.

3) This was the only time I had in order to get the workout done, take a shower, get ready, and still make the wedding with little to no stress.

4) I started to do it in the room only to realize as soon as I got to side to side hops in the warm-up I was going to knock something over if I continued, and I am small….

So I am practicing my ability to be flexible while maintaining a training plan.  I made the decision to go back down to the gym and take an easy 30 minute walk on the treadmill to help reach my step goal today and to make today my rest day instead of tomorrow.

What does this mean:

I will be working out 7 days in a row next week…. not ideal but I can handle it.  I am learning to adapt my workouts to a busy schedule, as long as that schedule doesn’t lead to me dropping them entirely.  I really hate people being idiots and dicking around in gyms while some of us want to actually accomplish something. Mean? Probably.  True: Yes.

For now I am going to do something with my hair, slap on a dress, and celebrate my cousin and his new wife on my surprise rest day.

-Little Red

Question: How do you stay on track when traveling?


A Midsummer’s Resolution

Anyone who has ever made a New Year’s diet resolution, joined a gym, talked to anyone ever, or lived has really discovered how hard it is to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Full disclosure: I have belonged to all of the above clubs and rode the lifelong roller coaster of being on and off the fitness track.  I get in a good groove making my own healthy meals, working out 5-6 times a week, attempting to meditate and take time for me, drinking ALL the water ever.  Then, inevitably, my life gets busy (usually in the summer) with teaching summer camp, extended day duties, travel in awful DC traffic to rehearsal, acting my face off, drive back home, pound through memorizing lines, and crash.  All this leaves little  make that no time for anything else.

There's a reason these are popular shirts!

There’s a reason these are popular shirts!

My eating is usually reduced to snacking on the job or gasp fast food on the way in the car.  Workouts…. when?  Weekdays I do the above and weekends I am busy performing the show I already rehearsed.  My job often means missing best friends’ & family members’ weddings, vacations, birthdays, and everything in between.  A missed workout seems paltry in comparison.

But this is something I want to work on this year.  It may not quite be a New Year’s resolution but since I am a Shakespeare girl anyway I’m gonna call it a Midsummer’s Resolution.  (Okay, so it’s spring but summer is when it will get crazy!)

Part of that will be using this spring to establish some health & fitness habits! I was clicking through Pinterest procrastinating searching for inspiration for a lesson plan when I stumbled upon a Women’s Health article: 15 Fitness Habits You Need Establish In Your 20s.

Well if that wasn’t fate!

So what does it include and how can I improve or maintain by fitness habits:

1) Fall in love with strength training– current score: B, I love strength training and am missing that sore feeling for a great pump session a bit with Insanity’s focus on cardio. Hopefully I can bring a few days into my run training soon!

2) Drink more water- current score: C+, When I remember this I am great, when I don’t remember I am awful.  Doing theatre outdoors this summer I will really have to stay on top of this or I will pay the price.

3) Vary it up- C, I like running & dancing, I like feeling like I am improving in something.  I also know I am going to plateau without changing some things.  I have plans to try some different workout routines, Insanity is part of that.  Hopefully I can keep it up.

4) Embrace the rest day- B, It’s a little more difficult with such an outlined workout program like Insanity.  If anything I like my rest days a little too much!

5) Learn proper form and don’t cheat- B+, I mean who doesn’t cheat a little on that last bicep curl when you just don’t think you can do anymore…

6) Switch up your running shoes- F, I have one pair of running shoes, one pair of cross training shoes, and one pair I use for teaching dance when sneakers work better…. Maybe once my christmas bonus rolls around.

7) Refuel properly post workout- D+, Slowly but surely improving.  I don’t like milk so the chocolate milk solution won’t work for me.  Anyone have a go to they want to share?

8) Go to random gym classes- D, I’m not part of a gym so this isn’t easy but I am looking at trying some new stuff and will update soon!

9) Stretch before and after you exercise- C, Because I am following what Shaun T does I am doing well.  When Shaun T isn’t there I tend to want to save time.  And stretching hurts… hmm maybe this was the reason I am the only dancer I know who can’t do a split.

10) Make your workout a part of your day- D, This is going to be the main struggle this summer y’all!

11) Be mindful- C-, I’m always on the run and the busier I get the harder this is.

12) Invest in good workout clothes- C, You know what actors make right? And I’m not talking Jennifer Lawrence here.

13) Do either yoga or pilates- F, I struggle with yoga I always have and I have yet to try pilates (I know I know how am I that behind on the fitness craze)

14) Choose your friends wisely- B, We all know Triple A is clearly a good support system, and one of the theatre’s I work for is doing a health challenge/group.  However, actors are also notorious drinkers and I do love me some Jameson.

15) Have fun- C, The last rule we have for acting classes we teach too! I’m decent at it but I also look at fitness as something I have to do… this one needs some work!

So how did you stack up? Be sure to check out the article for detailed info.

Here’s to keeping a fit & fierce lifestyle!

-Little Red