Insane Again

It happened.  I have let a combination of the scale and the mirror get to me.  I’m not sure what is happening, other than getting older, but my weight is going up and being redistributed in a way I do not appreciate.

But not being one to just lay down and take it I decided to take matters into my own hands. Or rather let Shaun T direct me in such things.

So this evening I found myself firing up the Insanity Fit Test.

Ugh. It was harder than I remembered and I had to pause it for longer than the one minute rest between exercises to just lay on the floor and catch my breath.

Here are my starting stats:

Weight: 109.1

Body Fat: 17.8%

Switch Kicks: 114

Power Jacks: 51

Power Knees: 104

Power Jumps: 27

Globe Jumps: 9

Suicide Jumps: 16

Push-Up Jacks: 20

Plank Obliques: 46

Here’s to hoping this jumpstarts some changes along with a food makeover.

Keep it insane & fierce!

-Little Red

What’s your favorite way to jumpstart body shape changes?  Have you ever let the scale or the mirror get to you?



It’s Following Me

Well as usual I am running behind.  Not literally but in terms of keeping up with life.  Surprise alert: Teaching 45 kids from ages 4-9 for 5 days straight 8 hours a day makes you feel like this:

10 more minutes...

10 more minutes…


I mean really even trying to write all those numbers made me feel like that.  The thing people say about kids stealing energy from you must be true (how else do they do it????)

But occasionally you are rewarded with seeing them all adorably sing “Impossible” from Rogers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, or dance around to “The Jitterbug” from Wizard of Oz.  However one student topped all things EVER of adorableness.  This one four year old was walking in our tiled hallway, which shines like a mirror sort of, and started stepping very carefully saying “It’s following me!”  Yep, she had discovered her shadow for the first time and it was THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER. (there are not enough capitals to describe this)

But lets take a look at the workout week on top of the massive amounts of elementary school energy I endured.  I’m not gonna lie this was R-O-U-G-H.  Oh and add in the allergies for good measure. In addition to sweat I was dealing with snot which meant water breaks were more like tissue breaks. Gross.

"It's not a pretty picture"

I may have looked closer to this than I liked.


Sunday- Rest Day! but not really I ran the George Washington Parkway Classic 10 miler (race report soon)

Monday- Fit Test #2, that came so quickly and the results are below

Tuesday- Plyometric Cardio Circuit, I may have thought about crying through this workout I was so exhausted

Wednesday- Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs, I got through almost all of the abs.  Hooray for progress!

ThursdayCardio Recovery, thank goodness I needed the stretch but my muscles felt crazy tight like I wasn’t quite getting there

Friday- Cardio Power & Resistance & Crystal City 5k Fridays #3, I cannot thank Triple A enough for being there otherwise I may not have finished this race.

Saturday- Plyometric Cardio Circuit, I really want to punch Shaun T when he says “This isn’t tap dancing” umm…. WHAT??? Tap dancing is fun while burning calories this is torture.  And don’t talk smack about Tap!


Body Stats/Measurements

Fit Test #1         Fit Test #2            Result

Weight:                          108.2 lbs              110.1 lbs                   + 1.9 lbs

Body Fat %:                   19.7%                    19.2%                        –  .5%

Resting Heart Rate:    55 bpm                  56 bmp                     + 1 bmp

Chest:                              32 in                      31.5 in                      – .5 in

Bicep:                             10 in                      10 in                             0 in

Waist:                             28.5 in                  27 in                          – 1.5 in

Hips:                               38.5 in                  38 in                          – .5 in

Thigh:                             23 in                      21.5 in                       – 1.5 in

Calf:                                 14 in                       14 in                             0 in


Fit Test Results

Fit Test #1         Fit Test #2            Result

Switch Kicks:               64                            108                           +44

Power Jacks:               48                             62                             +14

Power Knees:              95                            112                            +17

Power Jumps:             25                             39                             +14

Globe Jumps:               9                               13                             +4

Suicide Jumps:            15                             17                             +2

Push-Up Jacks:          20                             26                             +6

Low Plank Oblique:  50                              62                             +12

And of course a few pictures (if terribly taken by myself):

sorry diffuser in the way!

sorry diffuser in the way!

Yes that is A Chorus Line poster

Yes that is A Chorus Line poster


Slowly but surely I am getting it done!

Here’s to spring weather, even if allergies are going nuts.

-Little Red