St. Patrick’s Day + RunDisney Wine & Dine Registration

*Note: this was supposed to publish on St. Patrick’s Day, but ended up a draft due to technical difficulties.*


First up this is my second day of Paleo.  Yesterday was great if a little lacking in energy by rehearsal that evening.  Of course we were working the big dance number Ugh A Wugg so I was bound to be tired.

Here’s the trouble spot: I woke up this morning feeling like I had no energy at all.  I immediately scarfed down a banana, made some hot chocolate (not strictly paleo), and ate an apple with almond butter.  About an hour later I was back to normal.

My theory is that I didn’t eat enough calories yesterday.  Not having grains makes that harder.  My potential solution will be to track my calorie intake better just to make sure I am getting enough.

Moving on to part 2:

Today at noon, so like now since my computer is being slow, registration opens for runDisney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend.  This year the event will be November 6-7, 2015.

This event has a special place in my heart since it was my first half marathon ever!  And after running the Jingle Jungle 5k that morning. And with a broken finger from my attempt to learn to ride a bike.


While I don’t plan on running it in 2015 I highly recommend the race.  Really both races, because the Jungle Jungle 5k is honestly a blast! (Not to mention it was my first time ever seeing Animal Kingdom…. pretty cool way to experience a new park for the first time.)

Let the onslaught of pictures begin:

Jingle Jungle 5kIMG_1274 IMG_1290 IMG_1298IMG_1311

Wine & Dine Half Marathon

There is simply no way to describe running through the Osborn Lights.  Maybe one way, magical!  But you just have to experience it for yourself.

IMG_1428 IMG_1426 IMG_1417 IMG_1415 IMG_1412 IMG_1410 IMG_1401 IMG_1392 IMG_1379

Oh forgot to tell you I managed to convince my dad to run too.  I think he is looking forward to just the 5k of Expedition Everest Challenge.

So what are you waiting for?  Register for the Wine & Dine today! (oh, and hit me up if you want to guest blog about your race.)

Keep it running & fierce!

– Little Red

Planning to run the Wine & Dine Half or Jingle Jungle 5k?


Friday Five: Disney Dining Edition

This Friday I wanted to share some of the restaurants I am looking forward to eating at on our upcoming trip to Disney World for the Expedition Everest Challenge.  Planning Disney Dining is an important step in the travel process, especially for races.

Most will be new to us, as I like exploring different options but some will be returners because they were just that good!

5) Captain’s Grille – This place will be right in our resort at the Yacht Club.  It looks easy and simple and awesome for needing a sit down restaurant without a reservation.

Photo by Disney

Photo by Disney

4) Cape May Cafe – After an underwhelming experience at Chef Mickey’s last visit I decided to make a reservation here.  My family loves the ease of meeting the characters at a meal and the reviews here seemed better.  Plus can’t beat the location at Beach Club, next door to our resort!

Photo by Disney

Photo by Disney

3) The Wave – This is a repeat.  We loved the fresh food with perfect seasoning.  It was also very easy to eat healthily while also indulging in desert.  We have a lunch reservation to take a break from the busy Magic Kingdom which is just a monorail ride away.

Photo by Disney

Photo by Disney

2) Spice Road Table – We love tapas.  Between all the different flavors and getting to share this looks like it will be right up our alley.  Bonus: I hear you can potentially have a pretty good view of Illuminations from your table.  That is definitely in our hopes as it will be much calmer for our party than trying to find a good spot on the fly.

Photo by Disney

Photo by Disney

1) Artist Point – This was not originally on my radar at all.  But then I started digging deeper at fun resorts to visit and was really drawn in by the variety and quality of the menu.  After wavering back and forth I decided on Artist Point for our Signature meal of the trip.  Originally it was Yachtsman Steakhouse, but knowing we might not all want steak steered me this direction.  Let’s hope it is a good one!

Photo by Disney

Photo by Disney

Keep it hungry & fierce!

-Little Red

What is your favorite restaurant at Disney World?  What restaurant do you most want to try?

Not Your Typical Christmas Eve

A few days ago we started looking at ya know actually planning the rest of our trip to Disney for the Expedition Everest Challenge in May.  Kind of important stuff.

Prompted by an email from Disney with an offer for 35% off of stays which happened to fall in our travel dates for the event I began my research.

Ever since our trip last November for Wine & Dine my family has joked I would make a great Disney travel agent. Truth is: I love doing the research and the planning and the  logistics of it all.  So I settled in with coffee and my grandmother to do just that.

{Side note: how does one become a Disney Travel Agent? ‘Cause I would love that job}

Research tools.

Research tools.

Me & my dad will be running the race as a team, and my grandmother will be coming along as a supporter and travel companion. (Because she is awesome like that!)

Last time we split our stay between the Polynesian and The Animal Kingdom Lodge, and while both resorts were beyond amazing we found the transportation and Animal Kingdom to be just too stressful for our group.  So, even thought this is the only race host resort in the Deluxe tier we ruled it out.

We knew we wanted to spend some time at Epcot for the Flower & Garden festival that will be going on and low and behold we came across a pretty unbelievable rate for a Beach Club Villa Studio (cheaper than the other deluxe level hotels, cheaper thane even some moderates, and most unbelievably to me: cheaper than Art of Animation, a value resort!!!!)

See I even took a photo to prove it

See I even took a photo to prove it

So we decided that would be our best option (fully knowing it will make race day travel a bit more complex, remember I like research).  However, because my dad will be traveling from Reno, NV we wanted to triple check the dates with him.


We settled in for an extremely chill Christmas Eve with some wine and……

A CHRISTMAS PIZZA!!! (I told you it was chill)


All red & green for the occasion.

I randomly decided to check the rates again a bit later only to discover the Beach Club Villa room had been snatched up.  Really I shouldn’t have been surprised considering how shocked I was at the deal. After doing some additional research on Disney’s cancellation policies and such we decided to pull the trigger and put a deposit down on the same dates for a only slightly higher price at the Yacht Club!

So there you go. That’s my unconventional Christmas Eve.

Now I get to start the fun part of dining reservations (did you know we are already past the 180 day out mark???? Crazy right!)

And back to tracking Santa! Merry Christmas.

Keep it celebratory & fierce!

-Little Red

Have you ever had a non-typical holiday?  Where are your favorite places to dine or stay in Disney World?