Whole 30 Days 6-12

I’m almost half way there!  I can hardly believe it myself.


I know I can do this, even though sometimes I really just want some peanut butter covered in chocolate.  But if I stay strong for 30 days I will be able to figure out just how the peanut butter or chocolate affect me, or if it does at all.

Meals have been really simple, which is helping me not freak out too much about how to stay on track. Protein, tons of veggies, and sometimes a potato for some starch.  There are also lots of salads happening.

There is one Whole30 rule I have been breaking: snacking.

With the amount of dancing I am doing on the weekdays choreographing Kiss Me, Kate  at one school and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee for a children’s theatre I find I am in need of some extra energy.  So instead of completely stuffing myself at meals, I am relying on fruits and nuts (and the occasional Larabar…I know its kinda technically breaking the rules too) to keep me going.

In other news: My students are freaking awesome.  They continue to amaze me with their dedication and hard work.  Plus, they are keeping this process lots of fun when it could be grueling trying to teach 22 musical theatre numbers in less than a month!


Now to make some tea and settle in for the State of the Union.

Keep it Whole30 and fierce!


Nothing Left For Me To Do But Dance!

The past week has felt like a complete blur.  I was hoping for a nice easy time getting back into the swing of things following the long break, but as usual life has other plans.  


That is how this week has felt.  Between being assigned two of the hardest numbers in Anything Goes to finish about a week ahead of schedule, registration opening for summer camps and all the questions that come with it, and various other action items it has simply felt like time is slipping away.


However, in one huge weight off my shoulders I completed the longest number of the show and feel like I am slowly getting into the swing of this registration stuff at work.  (Seriously it is tough).  I also found this which made the above lines seem better.


So according to the two pictures not only does the plan look like a bunch of squiggles and random deviations but so does success.  That bodes well for me since I have been riding driving the struggle bus all week.  I’m shocked and amazed my students know which way to go in the dances since I couldn’t keep right and left straight today!

Speaking of which I still have that other number to finish… Luckily dancing is both my job and my de-stressor.  Back to dancing!

Keep it squiggly & fierce!

-Little Red

How do you power through a rough week?  What’s one thing you do to de-stress?