Whole 30 Days 13-14

So I had a minor freak out today when eating some cucumbers with tahini.  I immediately started googling “tahini whole30” like crazy.  After I was assured via the Whole30 forums that it was ok I felt much better!

Things continue to go well.

Yesterday was very busy bopping between my desk job, my choreography job, and taking a group of students to see West Side Story at Signature Theatre.  But I made it through the days without breaking.

Chaperoning or one of the kids?

Chaperoning or one of the kids?

Today was a bit harder and the first time I really had to think about not eating things that are off the Whole30 plan.  I went to work choreography for Kiss Me, Kate and a wonderful teacher had brought in homemade brownies… ugh.  All I wanted was to have just half of one.  Especially when things got stressful trying to count a really weird time signature change.  (Please note: I read music like barely enough to get by)

How do I count this?!?!?!

How do I count this?!?!?!

I persevered, and am home using my night off to handle some batch cooking for the upcoming weekend working Snow White performances.  I suppose it is time to admit I am a workaholic…

I am trying a new recipe Buffalo Ranch Stuffed Peppers from Primally Inspired.  Check it out here.  I’ll let you know how they tasted next time.

Keep it dedicated and fierce!

-Little Red

How do you deal with cravings?

Ginger Candied Carrots

Happy Boxing Day everyone!  I hope your holiday celebrations were as relaxing as mine.  I did complete my training run and came across someone moving: Crazy right?!?!?

moving on Christmas Day, oh my

moving on Christmas Day, oh my

Afterwards it was time to cook the side dish we were contributing to the holiday festivities. Does anyone else have a food that for them just embodies a holiday?  Well for me it’s Ginger Candied Carrots which my family has been making as long as I can remember.

I’m sharing the recipe below, but don’t be fooled these are not what I would consider healthy holiday eating material (unless you skip the sauce, but that is just crazy talk.)


Ginger Candied Carrots

Makes about 6 servings

1 lb carrots

4 tablespoons unsalted butter

1/4 cup brown sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons ground ginger

1/4 teaspoon caraway seeds

  1. Peel and cut carrots into matchstick size pieces (tip: a bag of baby carrots makes this super easy just cut each carrot in half length-wise and then each half length-wise again for 4 matchsticks)IMG_2137IMG_2138
  2. Place carrots in a pot and fill with water to cover.  Cover pot and cook carrots until tender (about 25-30 minutes).IMG_2139
  3. About 5 minutes before carrots are done make the sauce: Combine butter, brown sugar, ginger, and caraway seeds in a  small saucepan over low heat and stir together until butter is melted and ingredients well blended.IMG_2140
  4. Drain carrots cover with sauce.
  5. Serve immediately!


Pictured above is double the recipe.  Trust me you will want leftovers!

Keep it delicious & fierce!

-Little Red

What is your “must have” holiday food item?