Whole 30 Days 13-14

So I had a minor freak out today when eating some cucumbers with tahini.  I immediately started googling “tahini whole30” like crazy.  After I was assured via the Whole30 forums that it was ok I felt much better!

Things continue to go well.

Yesterday was very busy bopping between my desk job, my choreography job, and taking a group of students to see West Side Story at Signature Theatre.  But I made it through the days without breaking.

Chaperoning or one of the kids?

Chaperoning or one of the kids?

Today was a bit harder and the first time I really had to think about not eating things that are off the Whole30 plan.  I went to work choreography for Kiss Me, Kate and a wonderful teacher had brought in homemade brownies… ugh.  All I wanted was to have just half of one.  Especially when things got stressful trying to count a really weird time signature change.  (Please note: I read music like barely enough to get by)

How do I count this?!?!?!

How do I count this?!?!?!

I persevered, and am home using my night off to handle some batch cooking for the upcoming weekend working Snow White performances.  I suppose it is time to admit I am a workaholic…

I am trying a new recipe Buffalo Ranch Stuffed Peppers from Primally Inspired.  Check it out here.  I’ll let you know how they tasted next time.

Keep it dedicated and fierce!

-Little Red

How do you deal with cravings?

Whole 30 Days 6-12

I’m almost half way there!  I can hardly believe it myself.


I know I can do this, even though sometimes I really just want some peanut butter covered in chocolate.  But if I stay strong for 30 days I will be able to figure out just how the peanut butter or chocolate affect me, or if it does at all.

Meals have been really simple, which is helping me not freak out too much about how to stay on track. Protein, tons of veggies, and sometimes a potato for some starch.  There are also lots of salads happening.

There is one Whole30 rule I have been breaking: snacking.

With the amount of dancing I am doing on the weekdays choreographing Kiss Me, Kate  at one school and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee for a children’s theatre I find I am in need of some extra energy.  So instead of completely stuffing myself at meals, I am relying on fruits and nuts (and the occasional Larabar…I know its kinda technically breaking the rules too) to keep me going.

In other news: My students are freaking awesome.  They continue to amaze me with their dedication and hard work.  Plus, they are keeping this process lots of fun when it could be grueling trying to teach 22 musical theatre numbers in less than a month!


Now to make some tea and settle in for the State of the Union.

Keep it Whole30 and fierce!


Busy as A Bee

Remember when I mentioned how busy I said I had been yesterday… well it was no joke.

I have been working on two shows beginning with:

11535795_10153387135454153_262308396349469997_nWhich I am choreographing and super duper excited about.  It has come to my attention that some of my dancers call me “the drill sergeant” and, honestly, I don’t blame them.  I am very precise and ask a lot of my dancers.  There is a line in a song from the show What’s Up Duloc? that goes “we practiced this part both forward and back, we make one mistake and we get the rack.” They keep saying this is the way I am about my choreography, and while I would like to say it is hyperbole… again, I see where they are coming from.

I am so proud of the dances and especially the dancers and all of the hard work they have put into this show.

The second show is being produced as part of a summer camp I am teaching at and choreographing for:



If I thought my Shrek actors were good these kids (yes, kids) blew me out of the water nailing the choreography for Gaston with energy and gusto in one rehearsal! Unheard of I tell you. Again, pride abounds from this tough choreographer.

On a running note, I am excited/nervous/scared/nervous/excited/emotionally indecisive to announce that I am signed up to run the Marine Corps Marathon!  This will be my very first marathon, hence all the scattered emotions.  I feel like my body is too small to handle them all.



I had my first training run today: 3 miles.  It was hot!! and difficult.  But I finished it.  So, there. With the heat I was almost a full minute above my normal split time, which I’ll take.

I’m off to get some rest after a full day of rehearsal to gear up for another exciting day at camp and rehearsal tomorrow!

Keep it fit & fierce!

-Little Red

What do you do to help with the heat on summer training runs?