Getting Back To It

I have been away for a while….too long I have decided. There have been lots of new things in life keeping be away from using this as a forum for my thoughts and a way to hold myself accountable for healthy living. Here are a few of those things:

  1. Grad School – I began a Master’s program in Theatre Education and that has been eating up a ton of my time! Like so much you wouldn’t believe. My syllabus for the upcoming semester says something like “Remember in Grad School if you think a paper will take two hours it will take four.” This has been more than true for me, as I have been away from academic writing for a long time.  However, I survived my first semester of Dramaturgy and Reseach Methodology with an A. (Luckily, it is a distance class for most of the year so I get to keep doing the exciting theatre education work I already do).
  2. New Relationship/Move – I don’t really ever talk about that on here, but I recently reconnected with someone I kinda sorta knew in college, and real relationships take a focus of time. This also resulted in a move to Annapolis, and in addition to moves being time-consuming, my commute has increased to take up some time.
  3. Work – Always. Because I am part-time I am constantly piecing together different contract work to fill out my income and that can be a time eater.
  4. Injury returning  – My knee had been flaring up a bit with pain, and I thought my autoimmune was back. Spoiler alert: it isn’t, thankfully. But I had been taking it fairly easy workout wise.

Reasons I am excited to be back, even if it is just for me:

  1. Accountability – I need to continue to motive living a healthy life. I’ve been pretty down about my body shape and perceived body image. But as a friend reminded me, “It’s really hard to take someone seriously about feeling fat when they are wearing a size 0”. Touche, dear friend, touche. And I am glad they called me out. So the accountability is not only to making healthy balanced choices, but to being realistic about what is healthy.
  2. Commute effect – There are too many studies about what a long commute means about your health, and I need to work to counterbalance that.
  3. Community – You can’t beat an awesome community of runners, healthy bloggers, etc. I missed the community and am excited to be back.

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Let’s make 2017 awesome!

-Little Red