Little Red A to Z

I’ve seen this A to Z survey on a ton of the blogs I follow and thought it would be a fun diversion from running and theatre and running to the theatre.

A – Age: 27

B – Biggest Fear: SPIDERS!!! I live on the river and even though I am on the top floor there are still a ton.  In fact I had to have my mom help me deal with my window screens last night because they were covered in spiders…. yeah, I’m an adult….



C – Current Time: 7:02

D – Drink You Had Last: Coffee, coffee, coffee.  First thing every morning.

I'm this cute when I've had my coffee, right?

I’m this cute when I’ve had my coffee, right?

E – Easiest Person To Talk To: My best friends.  We have been all over the place, but it is always easy to talk to them no matter where we left off.

F – Favorite Song: Currently, Shut Up and Dance!

G – Grossest Memory: That time in college when there was a spider in our dorm rooms bathtub and we (ok my roommate) smushed it and it gave birth to like a million babies. ewwwwwwwwwww.

H – Hometown: Alexandria, VA

I – In Love With: The color green

J – Jealous Of: J Lo.  Seriously she must not age and always looks on pointe.  So jealous.

K – Kindest Person You Know: My Grandmother.  Words cannot begin to describe her awesomeness.

L – Longest Relationship: 1 year

M – Middle Name: Alys

N – Number of Siblings: 0


O – One Wish: That I had more time to travel.

P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: My dad

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: How old are you really?

R – Reason To Smile: Summer camp season is almost complete, which means a small break.

S – Song You Last Sang: Glycerine (it’s in the show I am in)

T – Time You Woke Up: 6:30

U – Underware Color: Cookie monster is a color right? (remember that whole adult thing from earlier, I am questioning it now)

V – Vacation Destination: London


W – Worst Habit: Procrastination

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: 2, broken finger, bronchitis

Y – You Favorite Food: Pizza

Z – Zodiac Sign: Libra/Scorpio, I am literally right on the cusp.

Answer one of the letters in the comments!


Marie, The Baquettes! Hurry Up!

So much has been going on in life, my friends.

I have opened and closed two shows, am in tech week for a third, and rehearsals for a fourth!

I swear everything around me is starting to remind me of all the shows I have been working on.  Seriously, SO MUCH THEATRE!!!

For instance, I went grocery shopping and grabbed some supplies to make garlic bread with friends and immediately started singing “Belle” from Beauty & The Beast in my head. Or was it out loud??  Maybe that is why I was getting odd stares in the grocery store…

The Baguettes!

The Baguettes!

Plus this photo/view from 4th of July had me seriously considering if we were really watching fireworks or is a tornado was gonna come take us to Oz.  Wizard of Oz happens to be the show I am in tech for.  My jitterbugs choreography and dancers are rocking!

4th of July or Wizard of Oz tornado??

4th of July or Wizard of Oz tornado??

Summer has truly been a whirl wind and it helps to know the chaos will begin to wind down soon.

This popped up in my Facebook feed and I am pretty sure at this point it is all of the above.  (Thoughts: 6 shots of espresso, alcohol, or both?)



And with that it is time to buckle down with some tea and lines for my upcoming show!!

Keep it buy & fierce!

-Little Red

What is your busiest time of year? How do you power through?