Punch Buggy

Well after way too long trying to deal with a dead car I am happy to report it is finally taken care of.  Bye bye bug.IMG_2686  It was not easy on many levels, but this was also my first car.  Well, lies and slander, my first car was a 86 Honda Accord that my grandparents used to own.  But this was my first real car (if that makes any sense.)

Anyway, I got a new ride for a while, because with my busy schedule I have to have reliable transportation!

IMG_2667Worst picture ever, but I had no one to take it so awkward car selfie is what you get.  I am back in Honda land now.

On a more fitness note:

I had a 4 mile run today in my training plan, and I did not want to do it… at all.  It was raining and I was exhausted after a long day teching Beauty & the Beast Jr at camp.  (I can’t believe we open tomorrow!)

But I got home, did the dishes, laced up my shoes and hopped on the treadmill at the gym downstairs since the area had flash flood warnings.

IMG_2728 I got it done and felt pretty good as I was able to stick to my 5 min run/1 min walk the whole time.  My last run outside was a slog so it was refreshing to feel smooth and strong on this run.

Afterwards, since I had the night off from Shrek I settled in to make dinner, only to burn half of it.  I was so mad, but I also couldn’t get my fire alarm to stop going off and ugh it was awful.  But dinner was saved just enough to actually eat something fairly healthy.



And now I am off to sleep before getting up early for 3 miles my training plan calls for before camp and the performance tomorrow!

Keep it fit & fierce!

-Little Red



Busy as A Bee

Remember when I mentioned how busy I said I had been yesterday… well it was no joke.

I have been working on two shows beginning with:

11535795_10153387135454153_262308396349469997_nWhich I am choreographing and super duper excited about.  It has come to my attention that some of my dancers call me “the drill sergeant” and, honestly, I don’t blame them.  I am very precise and ask a lot of my dancers.  There is a line in a song from the show What’s Up Duloc? that goes “we practiced this part both forward and back, we make one mistake and we get the rack.” They keep saying this is the way I am about my choreography, and while I would like to say it is hyperbole… again, I see where they are coming from.

I am so proud of the dances and especially the dancers and all of the hard work they have put into this show.

The second show is being produced as part of a summer camp I am teaching at and choreographing for:



If I thought my Shrek actors were good these kids (yes, kids) blew me out of the water nailing the choreography for Gaston with energy and gusto in one rehearsal! Unheard of I tell you. Again, pride abounds from this tough choreographer.

On a running note, I am excited/nervous/scared/nervous/excited/emotionally indecisive to announce that I am signed up to run the Marine Corps Marathon!  This will be my very first marathon, hence all the scattered emotions.  I feel like my body is too small to handle them all.



I had my first training run today: 3 miles.  It was hot!! and difficult.  But I finished it.  So, there. With the heat I was almost a full minute above my normal split time, which I’ll take.

I’m off to get some rest after a full day of rehearsal to gear up for another exciting day at camp and rehearsal tomorrow!

Keep it fit & fierce!

-Little Red

What do you do to help with the heat on summer training runs?

It’s Been Too Long

Ok so I fail.  I’ve been, what’s that phrase… oh, busy as a bee.  Except make that a whole hive of bees.

Summer camp has started at work and our summer musical which means I am working on choreographing two shows simultaneously.

I plan on getting back to this as much as my schedule allows, which who knows.  But also I want to make it part of my daily routine again.

Let’s see if I can make it stick this time.

In the meanwhile it’s back to listening to Beauty & the Beast Jr. for me!

Keep it fit & fierce.

-Little Red