Insane Again

It happened.  I have let a combination of the scale and the mirror get to me.  I’m not sure what is happening, other than getting older, but my weight is going up and being redistributed in a way I do not appreciate.

But not being one to just lay down and take it I decided to take matters into my own hands. Or rather let Shaun T direct me in such things.

So this evening I found myself firing up the Insanity Fit Test.

Ugh. It was harder than I remembered and I had to pause it for longer than the one minute rest between exercises to just lay on the floor and catch my breath.

Here are my starting stats:

Weight: 109.1

Body Fat: 17.8%

Switch Kicks: 114

Power Jacks: 51

Power Knees: 104

Power Jumps: 27

Globe Jumps: 9

Suicide Jumps: 16

Push-Up Jacks: 20

Plank Obliques: 46

Here’s to hoping this jumpstarts some changes along with a food makeover.

Keep it insane & fierce!

-Little Red

What’s your favorite way to jumpstart body shape changes?  Have you ever let the scale or the mirror get to you?



Snow Day Productivity

Hey everybody,

It is really coming down out there for us, and it doesn’t look like any crews got out in time to make it a bit better.  So, it’s a snow day for me!!!

Productivity can be at it’s peak on a snow day.

1. Get serious about learning my lines and songs for Peter Pan. Rehearsal was cancelled so I can put in some quality time with this.



2. Do all the laundry.  Yep, multitasking.

3. Get in a treadmill walk.  Nice and cozy from inside.

4. Get a jumpstart on cooking for the busy week ahead.

5. And of course snuggling up resting and binge watching Friends on Netflix.



Keep it warm & fierce!

-Little Red

What do you do on a snow day?

Cold, Flu & A Dream Come True

So its been a while.  There are multiple reasons.

Life as always has different plans than we do.

1) Work has been insane.  Between my day job, my choreography freelancing, and auditions I have been almost over booked.

2) I have been utterly exhausted.  I had no idea why until today.  Or rather I knew why but wasn’t ready to admit it.  I am sick again.  I have a very sore throat and a huge headache.  Hopefully all the sleeping I am doing will combat this thing fast.

3) I was cast in a dream role of mine… Peter Pan.  It is a musical version and I have been in rehearsal almost every day since casting.  We have learned 12 songs in 3 rehearsals and there are still a couple more to cover before I have at least what I sing in the show covered.

Cathy Rigby as Peter Pan

Cathy Rigby as Peter Pan

So basically I am super excited, exhausted, and busy!

I owe you all a recap of the recent Love The Run You’re With race.  For now, I will stay cuddled in the blanket from the race with my tea going over song lyrics.


Gotta get back to the workouts soon though, cause Peter Pan.

Keep it well & fierce!

-Little Red

Special Delivery

I am behind on this bit of information but one of my favorite things about the new year is the sales!

One sale in particular worked to my advantage this year.  Just like car dealerships many running companies will have sales on shoe models from the previous year to make room for new ones. My local running store Pacers Running did the same thing.

I was so sad when I saw the initial announcement because I would be all the way across the country attending my dad’s wedding the exact dates the sale was set to be held.  Seriously, what are the chances??

It is hard to be sad about this view in January though:IMG_2275

I lucked out in more ways than one.  Not only was Pacers making some of the shoes available online for purchase (with free shipping), but they also had my exact model and size!

This whole 2,015 in 2015 challenge means I will definitely need a few pairs of shoes and a discount on at least one of those is nothing to scoff at.  I saved a good $40 on my pair.

The box had arrived by the time I returned.  Honestly, I was a bit worried when I saw an Adidas box with a size 12 Men’s shoe… ummm those aren’t what I ordered.


Once I opened the box my heart slowed down:

IMG_2314 IMG_2315

There are my shoes and in a new fun green color!  I pretty much have a closet full of blue and green because of the whole redhead thing.



I still have some miles left on the old guys but I am excited to add a new pair to the mix.



Keep it cheap & fierce!

-Little Red

What is your favorite running shoe?  Where do you get the best deals on running gear?

Pacers First Down 5k & Combine Race Report

Superbowl?  The only things I know about the Superbowl would be what I hear on WTOP to and from choreography jobs.  You all should be impressed I can tell you who was playing, the Seahawks & the Patriots, and no I didn’t google it.

So what does one do on Superbowl Sunday if they have no vested interest in anything having to do with sports?  Run a 5k of course!

And this was not any 5k.  Pacers had this little cross training challenge at the end which was optional for all runners: 20 push-ups, 20 jump squats, 20 sit-ups, and 20 yd walking lunges, hence the name First Down 5k & Combine.

Based on the ease I had picking up my packet the day of the Fairfax Four Miler also run by Pacers I decided to try my luck again and do packet pick-up right before the race.

This would be my first race in DC proper and since metro didn’t quite open early enough to trust it for a 8am start I decided to drive in.  Luck for me I live just across the river and within 15 minutes of leaving my building I had found free parking on a side street about half a mile from the start line.

After two easy pre-race packet pick-ups in a row I refuse to chalk it up to luck and fully credit Pacers with awesome organization and efficiency combined with spectacular volunteers!



The only thing I didn’t plan for was what to do with my nifty race tech shirt that I got.  Well the cold temperature solved that for me and I put it on over the 4 layers I was already wearing.  I am cold my nature so my outfit for the day included two pairs of socks, running tights with windbreaker pants over, sports bra coved by tank top covered by long sleeve cold weather tech shirt covered by long sleeve Wine & Dine tech shirt covered by running jacket, gloves and hat.  You may start laughing when you hear it was 32 degrees but I was only slightly warm for the race.  (Next time I will skip one of the shirts.)

My cold self was thrilled to see they had hot apple cider available at the start & finish!  I also enjoyed watching a man juggling three full size footballs.  I would later see him running the whole race juggling them! I also saw one of the Nats presidents ready to run, I guess he is in training for when baseball season starts.



The race was a beautiful flat out & back course with a water stop about half way through. I even saw my apartment while running along the river!



I stuck to the 5 minute run/1 min walk intervals I had set on my Garmin and ran a pretty even 10:10 pace.  Considering I had basically taken a week and a half off any training due to life I was amazed every time I looked down.  I felt good but figured I must be going slower than usual because there were times I was basically alone on the course.  It never occurred to me it was just a small race field, for this area at least.

I crossed in 32:41 and after waffling the whole run on whether to do the combine or not made a “game time” decision to give it a try.  I am so glad I did, it was fun!


I completed each station and got a mark on my bib from the referees to prove it and then headed across the last finish line.


Little did I know they would be throwing me a miniature football as I ran across.  Then something amazing happened: I CAUGHT IT! I have the worst hand eye coordination ever but I caught it.



I did have trouble finding water after the race, but I am chalking that up to me being so short I couldn’t see what was probably right in front of me.  No hard feelings though because I wanted some more of that apple cider! They also had bananas and Nature Valley bars available.

I was feeling good and decided to take a stroll around the reflection pool before heading back to my car.

IMG_2335 IMG_2334

It’s easy to forget how cool DC is sometimes.

I got home to lounge around a bit and discovered results were already posted and I had a new 5k PR!!! Talk about a shock!



Thanks to Pacers Running for another awesome race experience!  Next year I will need some kind of football jersey to sport during the race.

Keep it fast & fierce!

-Little Red

Have you ever had a surprise PR? What was your favorite part of Superbowl Sunday?