Friday Five: Disney Dining Edition

This Friday I wanted to share some of the restaurants I am looking forward to eating at on our upcoming trip to Disney World for the Expedition Everest Challenge.  Planning Disney Dining is an important step in the travel process, especially for races.

Most will be new to us, as I like exploring different options but some will be returners because they were just that good!

5) Captain’s Grille – This place will be right in our resort at the Yacht Club.  It looks easy and simple and awesome for needing a sit down restaurant without a reservation.

Photo by Disney

Photo by Disney

4) Cape May Cafe – After an underwhelming experience at Chef Mickey’s last visit I decided to make a reservation here.  My family loves the ease of meeting the characters at a meal and the reviews here seemed better.  Plus can’t beat the location at Beach Club, next door to our resort!

Photo by Disney

Photo by Disney

3) The Wave – This is a repeat.  We loved the fresh food with perfect seasoning.  It was also very easy to eat healthily while also indulging in desert.  We have a lunch reservation to take a break from the busy Magic Kingdom which is just a monorail ride away.

Photo by Disney

Photo by Disney

2) Spice Road Table – We love tapas.  Between all the different flavors and getting to share this looks like it will be right up our alley.  Bonus: I hear you can potentially have a pretty good view of Illuminations from your table.  That is definitely in our hopes as it will be much calmer for our party than trying to find a good spot on the fly.

Photo by Disney

Photo by Disney

1) Artist Point – This was not originally on my radar at all.  But then I started digging deeper at fun resorts to visit and was really drawn in by the variety and quality of the menu.  After wavering back and forth I decided on Artist Point for our Signature meal of the trip.  Originally it was Yachtsman Steakhouse, but knowing we might not all want steak steered me this direction.  Let’s hope it is a good one!

Photo by Disney

Photo by Disney

Keep it hungry & fierce!

-Little Red

What is your favorite restaurant at Disney World?  What restaurant do you most want to try?

Dream Races – Series Edition

Sometime I will have to create my own dream race but for now I will list 5 series races I dream of running.  Basically anything that has multiple locations.

Some are problematic because running can be expensive, some because of timing, and some because of distance.

5. Rock ‘n’ Roll – On my list: New Orleans, Las Vegas, Dublin… ok a lot of them!  I am excited to tackle the DC half in March.

4. Hot Chocolate 15k – Who doesn’t love chocolate?  Or hot chocolate?  Speaking of which I am drinking some right now, with a little special addition.  I am bummed they no longer do one in the DC area so I will have to find somewhere else.  Maybe Philly.



3. Run Nike Women’s Series – Speaking of being bummed there is no longer a DC race… I loved volunteering at this race last year and was hoping 2015 would be my year to run it.  Plus, gotta love the Tiffany necklace bling and men in tuxes.  Unfortunately it looks like San Fransisco is the only US location this year.  As cool as Toronto sounds its only a 15k. I’m torn. (PS- if you at all work with this organization convince them to get a real website.  It was hard to figure out what to link to!)

2. Rangar Relay – I find these so cool!  Intense but cool and truly a team building activity.  And if my work in theatre has done anything it is about team building.  They have a DC one but I have to say Napa Valley seems like it would be fun too.

1.  runDisney – Was their any doubt?  I did question moving this to number 2, but for now here it will stay.  As of now I have only done one runDisney event but am super excited for Expedition Everest Challenge in May.  I want to eventually take on the Dopey Challenge combined with Castaway Cay for the ultimate ridiculous challenge (though I don’t know if that is more a challenge for my body or for my wallet.  Anyone know any available rich running patrons?)

Keep it dreamy & fierce!

-Little Red

What race do you dream of running?  What is holding you back?




Silent Saturday

Silent Saturday

IMG_2282 IMG_2319 IMG_2318 IMG_2293 images

Stuck in Vacation Mode

I was barely on vacation four days and for the first time I can think of I am struggling to get back to normal life.

Usually I return from being away refreshed and reingorgoraed to tackle new and remain projects.  This time was the exact opposite.  I said goodbye to the beach on Monday and am still not back to normal life.


I feel utterly unmotivated to accomplish much of anything and increasingly frustrated with what is piling up… yeah, those don’t really work together, trust me I know.

My workouts are non-existant, I haven’t gone grocery shopping, and the amount of loose ends to wrap up are starting to get tangled.

In simple terms: I’m stuck in vacation mode! HELP!


1) It was a very active vacation.  Between walks on the beach, traveling a bunch, and a wedding, what little downtime there was still managed to seem packed.  There wasn’t a whole lot of general relaxing.

2) Time zone adjustment never occurred.  I tried to stay on east coast time while on the west simply to make the return to teaching 30+ kids at 8am a bit easier.  Instead I ended up on west coast time as soon as I arrived back by the Atlantic.

What now?

1) Give in to the need for downtime. I’m not sure this is true at all but I am thinking that my body may be telling me I need some time to just be.  So I am letting myself for just another day.  Unfortunately it is also stressing me out a bit but I am trying to let that go knowing I will come back stronger after a little bit of a breather.

2) Back to a schedule. I am gonna force myself to reset starting Sunday.  For me Sunday is always the day to restart fresh.  I think that being back on a known schedule will help bring back my motivation.

So here’s to letting yourself indulge in vacation mode, even if only for a day.

Keep it relaxed & fierce!

– Little Red

How do you re-motivate after downtime?



Reading Rainbow Update

I mentioned a little while ago how I was going to try and read more.  It all started with my desire to reread the Harry Potter series and went from there.  (Reading Rainbow)

Lately I have been combining the goal of more reading with walking on the treadmill in the mornings to get in some daily miles for my 2,015 in 2015 challenge.

I feel like Belle reading on the treadmill.

I feel like Belle reading on the treadmill.

I have made it through 3 books thus far. Of course 12 hours on a plane helped!

A Jesuit Off-Broadway – While it does have a religious bent, and I will be honest I am not a super religious person, I was entirely amazed with this book.  It drew me in with its recount of the creation of the play The Last Days of Judas Iscariot and what better way to look at religion than through a play.  I highly suggest this one for anyone who has every struggled with reconciling faith and art.  5 of 5

When Autumn Leaves – I can’t believe I finished this book.  The magic aspect of the fiction story appealed to me but I found it utterly underwhelming.  Despite the bad reviews I saw I forged ahead.  The most frustrating part: You are constantly introduced to characters you never meet again.  When I started thinking about it as short stories it got better.  2 of 5

My Horizontal Life – Whoa this one was so revealing about Chelsea Handler’s life.  Yet, I couldn’t put it down.  It was like a guilty pleasure and I finished it in the course of the plane ride back home.  Pure entertainment if you can handle some pretty crass situations. 3 of 5 


Today I went to the library and started Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore and I am pretty sure I am gonna like it.

I’m lucky that my apartment building has a book exchange area downstairs so I can always pick up something that looks interesting for FREE.  It also means I have a place to easily get rid of the books so they don’t take over my bedroom; my Shakespeare plays have already claimed two bookshelves.

Soon I’m gonna need some book suggestions.  Head on over to Goodreads and share your favorite books with me.

Keep it in print & fierce!

-Little Red

What are you reading?  What’s your all time favorite book?