Fallen Off The Face Of The Earth

I might as well have.

Between teaching summer camp, choreographing 3 shows, and rehearsing/performing in another two I’ve just been so busy.  Not to mention my health going a little wackadoodle for a couple months (and yes that is a technical term).

My health is back on track, my schedule is finally settling into a pattern, and despite a rough couple of months I am ready to get back on the wagon.  Yep I was up to weighing 115, blissfully 15 pounds away from my heaviest, but the number doesn’t matter I was not comfortable in my own body and that is what matters the most to me when I really think about it.  I also was having trouble walking a mile without getting tired.  To be honest I’m not entirely sure how I made it through a physically demanding show like Comedy of Errors without the stamina I am used to.  And I was not the character running around like crazy!

Point being I have just had a great week 1 back in the game.  I successfully restarted strength training and running and while it is hard it FEELS GREAT!!!

My hope is to tackle the Rock N Roll half marathon in DC in March, then hopefully take on my first full marathon in October. Why all this serious running all of the sudden.  Easy: I want to run the Dopey Challenge in January 2016.  There I said it.  It is out in the universe and now I will be held to at least do my best to meet that goal.

And I’m going to do my best to hold myself to it this time. So here goes nothing.  Week 1 down.