The Traveling Insanity Circus

It has been a busy week continuing into a busy weekend.  Triple A is working a production of Cinderella with the middle school kids he teaches that opened last night (to rave reviews) and I have been in and out of rehearsal with him all week.  In addition I left yesterday morning to fly to Atlanta for my cousin’s wedding.

I have been decently good at staying on track with my Insanity workouts.  I even managed to fit in my Max Interval Circuit streaming from my IPhone in the hotel gym yesterday afternoon.

Sorry for the blurriness of the photo.

Sorry for the blurriness of the photo.

I had set plans to do the same this morning after the scheduled family breakfast, but reality decided to intervene.

1) the gym was full of people, some of whom where being idiots and messing around, a few actually working out

2) I really didn’t want to be “that” person.  You know the one playing their workout video getting in everyone’s way with no headphones in.

3) This was the only time I had in order to get the workout done, take a shower, get ready, and still make the wedding with little to no stress.

4) I started to do it in the room only to realize as soon as I got to side to side hops in the warm-up I was going to knock something over if I continued, and I am small….

So I am practicing my ability to be flexible while maintaining a training plan.  I made the decision to go back down to the gym and take an easy 30 minute walk on the treadmill to help reach my step goal today and to make today my rest day instead of tomorrow.

What does this mean:

I will be working out 7 days in a row next week…. not ideal but I can handle it.  I am learning to adapt my workouts to a busy schedule, as long as that schedule doesn’t lead to me dropping them entirely.  I really hate people being idiots and dicking around in gyms while some of us want to actually accomplish something. Mean? Probably.  True: Yes.

For now I am going to do something with my hair, slap on a dress, and celebrate my cousin and his new wife on my surprise rest day.

-Little Red

Question: How do you stay on track when traveling?


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