Back In The Game

First off my apologies for the weeklong or more absence.  To say I was a little rattled by the fainting episode is an understatement.  I decided to give myself a full week off of Insanity or any exercise in order to be absolutely sure it wouldn’t happen again.  Especially considering the air conditioning in my building was not working and they think heat might have been a trigger for the collapse.

But here I am back to it.  Man I forgot how hard Insanity was.  How does one forget that?  Well I was at a point where I was feeling strong and ready for the daily challenges.  Now I feel weak and ill prepared.  But I have faith my strength will come back and I am still completing the workouts and burning a ton of calories, even if I am taking more breaks and breathing heavier.

I had an amazing 5k this past Sunday at the Girls on the Run Taste of Arlington.  Not time wise but feeling wise and I sincerely have Triple A to thank for that.  It was my first workout of any effort other than walking and so I was running by feel, a bit of a forced situation as my HR monitor was acting up.  It felt so good to be out moving.  We had some great conversation and it was inspiring to see all those girls and family members finishing a goal! (I am so behind on recaps but I promise soon).

So as I contemplate the ability of standing after Max Cardio Conditioning I leave you hoping you find your inspiration to finish your goals whatever they may be.


Keep it fit & fierce!

-Little Red

A Workout, A Wedding, and Who Fainted?

This weekend was my oldest cousin’s, or as we call him the “boss cousin”, wedding, so I was in Atlanta to celebrate.  My previous post covered the set back of rescheduling a workout.  Little did I know there would be another two days of rest in store.


On the flight back I started to feel very dizzy and nauseous on the decent and very warm.  Well I figured I’ll get some water when I am off the plane and be ok.  It didn’t work out that way at all.  I stood up to exit the plane and very shortly went down.  I heard someone getting the flight attendants because someone fainted.  My immediate response at coming  to was “Who fainted?” at which point a very sweet woman helping me into a chair said “Honey, you did.”

Well after about an hour of being run through tests by the responding airport paramedics I was cleared to go as long as I downed some orange juice.  Results: Vasovagal Syncope, or a fancy term for fainting from a sudden drop in heart rate and blood pressure.

So why the sudden drop?  That is still to be determined.  They did a ECG on sight and I have to go back to my doctors (yes many of them) because i presented with inverted P waves and something else I can’t remember was odd about my T waves. The paramedic said chances were it was nothing and seemed pretty certain that the heat intolerance that comes with hyperthyroidism combined with the pressure changes on the flight triggered the fainting.

Just another thing on the Graves’/hyperthyroidism spectrum I am going to have to look out for, especially with my upcoming outdoor performances and races. My brand new RoadID is gonna be getting a permanent spot on my wrist for a while.  Lucky it is pretty freaking awesome!!


After yesterday’s incident I am 1)regretful I wasn’t wearing mine and 2) a firm believer anyone should have one, especially if you have a medical condition. (hmm… Triple A’s birthday is coming up)

So I am still on bed rest for the rest of today and have a doctor’s appointment scheduled to talk about this incident and the abnormal heart stuff.  With any luck I will be back to working out tomorrow.

Until then, stay safe everyone. And keep it a little more fit & fierce for me too!

-Little Red

Question: Do you wear a RoadID or other identification? Always or just when you run?

The Traveling Insanity Circus

It has been a busy week continuing into a busy weekend.  Triple A is working a production of Cinderella with the middle school kids he teaches that opened last night (to rave reviews) and I have been in and out of rehearsal with him all week.  In addition I left yesterday morning to fly to Atlanta for my cousin’s wedding.

I have been decently good at staying on track with my Insanity workouts.  I even managed to fit in my Max Interval Circuit streaming from my IPhone in the hotel gym yesterday afternoon.

Sorry for the blurriness of the photo.

Sorry for the blurriness of the photo.

I had set plans to do the same this morning after the scheduled family breakfast, but reality decided to intervene.

1) the gym was full of people, some of whom where being idiots and messing around, a few actually working out

2) I really didn’t want to be “that” person.  You know the one playing their workout video getting in everyone’s way with no headphones in.

3) This was the only time I had in order to get the workout done, take a shower, get ready, and still make the wedding with little to no stress.

4) I started to do it in the room only to realize as soon as I got to side to side hops in the warm-up I was going to knock something over if I continued, and I am small….

So I am practicing my ability to be flexible while maintaining a training plan.  I made the decision to go back down to the gym and take an easy 30 minute walk on the treadmill to help reach my step goal today and to make today my rest day instead of tomorrow.

What does this mean:

I will be working out 7 days in a row next week…. not ideal but I can handle it.  I am learning to adapt my workouts to a busy schedule, as long as that schedule doesn’t lead to me dropping them entirely.  I really hate people being idiots and dicking around in gyms while some of us want to actually accomplish something. Mean? Probably.  True: Yes.

For now I am going to do something with my hair, slap on a dress, and celebrate my cousin and his new wife on my surprise rest day.

-Little Red

Question: How do you stay on track when traveling?


When Injury Strikes

Just as the title says I have been struggling a bit lately, and at the start of Month 2 of Insanity no less.  My right ankle has been hurting lately.  Sometimes so much that I have trouble walking on it.  Being a choreographer this is causing many a problem with my day job not to mention some inherent changes to my Insanity routine.  I am scheduling an appointment (as you should with injury) and am wearing an ankle brace, icing, elevating, etc. in the mean time.



Now that I am in “Max Mode” for Insanity I find it really frustrating to have to make adaptation and alter the workouts.  But I am so scared of landing funny on my ankle and making it worse (especially with a packed summer of acting and dancing) that I am playing it safe.  Diamond jumps become oblique reaches with some light jump roping in between, high jump ropes become high knees, and switch kicks are taken at a walking pace.

Am I frustrated and pissed I can’t even attempt to keep up with them on the video: HELL YES! But I have to remind myself that everyone has adjustments to make to make the workouts safe for them whether that is taking more breaks than Shaun T has or modifying moves to prevent injury/further injury.  And according to my Polar HRM I am still burning upwards of 300 calories with these new workouts!!! This makes me feel good about still getting the benefits.

So for now the brace will stay and I will continue adjusting the big plyo/jumping moves, cause let’s face it my body is my career as both an actor and choreographer.

In other news: I HATE MONTH 2!

I feel like Shaun T works the quads and shoulders every single workout with no break which gives me no time to recover and give 100% towards the next workout of the month.  My least favorite so far is Max Plyo (surprise surprise) and luckily today is Max Recovery, though everyone says it is anything but Recovery.

I literally roll out of bed because I can’t prop myself up.  I can’t imagine how I would feel without the adjustments I am making!

Keep it fit, fierce, and SAFE.

-Little Red

Question: How do you handle injury or illness in the middle of a training plan?


Weekly Workout Recap

It’s that time where I round up the workouts I did this past week.  It was my recovery week so things were a little light and I am proud of myself for keeping it that way.  There were times when I felt like I needed to do more, but I resisted and followed the plan.

Boring as it may be here is the weeks workouts:

Sunday: Volunteer at Nike Women’s Half Marathon

Monday: Core Cardio & Balance – Let me just say those slow heismans and hip flexor burners are gonna kill me!

Tuesday: Core Cardio & Balance – I really hope this doesn’t become boring later this week

Wednesday: Core Cardio & Balance – Finally getting all the way through everything, hip flexor burner challenge accomplished

Thursday: Core Cardio & Balance – Killed it!

Friday: Core Cardio & Balance – I think I could do this without the video by now….

Saturday: Color Me Rad 5k – well sort of…. dance party at least.  That story will come with the upcoming race recap.

& Core Cardio & Balance – LAST RECOVERY WORKOUT DAY!!! I’m gonna miss this workout cause its kinda nice and relaxing.  I only wish there was more stretching.

Saturday we also celebrated my blood tests coming back in normal range only 6 weeks into treatment! My thyroid is shrinking back to normal size, my thyroid levels are evening out and my doctor lowered my anti-thyroid medicine!  According to him these are all great signs and I am on track to, hopefully, be in remission in 1 to 1 1/2 years. (I wonder how long I can keep my fingers crossed and still get through life…)

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday! I however will be washing all the orange out of my house.

After: Color Me RAD dance party!

After: Color Me RAD dance party!

Keep it fit & fierce.

-Little Red