Who Isn’t A Little Insane?

First off I realize it has been a while, but I plan on fully getting back in the groove of this starting today.

I was recently diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, which leads to hyperthyroidism which put me on a miserable and strict “no exercise” regimen for far more than I was happy with.  But when the heart is involved you listen to your doctors. Happily the medication is taking care of it all and I am about to jump back into moving.

And what better way to jump in than INSANITY!

Yep, I am joining the ever insane crew and taking on what will probably be the hardest workout system I have ever accomplished.  However, after spending my downtime sitting on my butt on the couch laughing at my boyfriend as he grunted and cussed his way to great results I decided it is time for me to try this out.

So here goes nothing except trying to make sure I fit in the bridesmaids dress I just ordered….

 Starting Stats: 

Weight: 108.2 lbs

Body Fat %: 19.7%

Resting Heart Rate: 55 bpm

Chest: 32 in

Bicep: 10 in

Waist: 28.5 in

Hips: 38.5 in

Thigh: 23 in

Calf: 14 in


And of course the results of the first Fit Test: (I took it at the same time my boyfriend finished his last)

Switch Kicks: 64

Power Jacks: 48

Power Knees: 95

Power Jumps: 25

Globe Jumps: 9

Suicide Jumps: 15

Push-Up Jacks: 20

Low Plank Oblique: 50

I felt really good as Tayna was announcing her starting numbers and mine were pretty darn close.  (That’s right Tanya, I’m coming for ya!)

And of course the day 1 pics: as embarrassing as they may be.

I can't keep my eyes open

I can’t keep my eyes open

IMG_1744 IMG_1745

My boyfriend is too tall to get accurate shots of my short self.

Time to get Insane y’all!


-Little Red